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I just love collecting

Genshin Impact


Everything about this game is best except for its end game content n Anniv reward, i dont care if u gave me primo or not on anniv, but holy fck plz, make the anniv merrier, Free resin artifacts domain may be? i could sit here all day farming for artifacts if it were to happen, even if it only become like YEARLY event, i appreciate it more than your 10 pulls or rush up 1600 compensation primo



i get this application installation failed, plz restart the app with better communication, and because of it i cant move my account since then, i wanted to move the navi i purchased into my new phone

plz helpp

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


The game itself is good, but the dev isnt so much

here are some list
-Last time, 32Mil FB follower only celebrated by giving the player like 20 ticket was it? im so lol'ed ffs.

-You know the Party Box event? The coupon exchange? yes, the dev make it so that if you only recharge 100 diamonds u will ended up with 3/4 coupon whilst you ccant trade for the 2nd free coupon, its small matter but its what make me hate the dev.

-The truth about the game mechanics being easier is indeed truth, but you know, its enjoyable for those looking for a leisure but competitive, not everyone is up for challenge, some times they just want to have a good time

-Most of the game event, FORCE you to play with a friend, for a solo player like me, its really unfavorable.

-There is no such thing called Luck here, i mean, if they release a box, said, chance to get epic skin or above, but there are these trash prize, surely u will get the trash first until u pull out all the trash, u wont get the prize.

-Some of events is INDEED Favourable toward player such us the KoF collab, i mean, its a free real estate, so why not. the event would surely favourable for free and low spender. for whale? not so much, why? coz even if they DO SAID, UNOWNED SKIN will be PRIORITIZED, yet u still get dupe, shitty as i have to say, its moonton.

-We all know, and we ddont need to mention it, the dev lack of creativity.

-Their other game like chess is good but still there is this shop where u can buy trial skin for your pieces, but u cant wear a skin in the first place lol, demn dev just doesn't care for small stuff like this

Summary, Event wise, its good if you are free or low spender. Its a good game, but a bad dev.

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