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Very nice to use! You can draw or even animate with it. Full of useful features. New users friendly as well- I suggest you start with a smaller canvas and pick a simple pixel art reference if you're completely new to it.

LINE Webtoon


Amazing app to read amazing webcomics in. It has so many great comics you'll never get bored!
My only worry is, just like every site in the modern day Webtoon seems to be getting more greedy... I hope they don't cross the line someday as at least all the ads are voluntary to watch still.

Pokemon Unite


I do enjoy the game as a Pokemon fan~ but it gets old fast without friends to play with.
There are gamemodes to try every now and again but often it gets repetitive if you're trying to win all of the rewards.
Worst thing about it is how overpowered each new Pokemon that comes out is, only for it to be balanced/debuffed once it becomes free to use. And speaking of, the balancing of this game needs working on.
But overall, it's a fine game.

Goddess Style


Pretty good dress up game! Best part about it is that you can get every item for free if you just play a little.

I love the gameplay. Also all the silly little dialogue options we get. Makes me really like the MC ^^

The Tale of Food | Global


I absolutely love this game! It's so rare to see boys gachas and the characters are actually well written, amd not just a cardboard cutout of a personality trait. I'm also enjoying the story enough to really read it and wanting to read everything. Favorite game since Path to Nowhere.

It's changed from the previous Code: Seed. I prefer the old color-based match 3 gameplay over this new turn-based one.
It is not as generous as the previous game, which was way too generous by gacha standards anyways (which was one thing I loved about it).
One huge improvement though is that this version doesn't load and lag for every single button that you press.
The story still needs to be changed manually for now, it seems that can be done in settings

Path to Nowhere


Actually genuinely love this game. The art is amazing and I LOVE the story and characters. The voice acting is great too and nothing in this game is pay to win: you can gain everyone in the gacha with just enough time and all the events are completable for free with time to spare in case you missed a few days of gameplay.

The art great. I wish you could change your language *before* the tutorial though, and the screen switch could be more fluid or better timed . The game is really boring unfortunately and it's hard to farm materials or upgrade your units to pass stages .

This game's puzzle mechanics is different from what I had expected, and way more fun than the usual connect 3. The characters have different abilities depending on how how many tiles are connected which makes for great strategic yet simple battle.

The character designs are really cute, and I also like the fact that they are based on famous historical and/or mythological figures. Makes them that much more interesting!

And although I always read the story, having a skip story option I am sure is a big plus for some people. It's also niche to have 4 speeds options for battle that are NOT stuck behind a pay or level wall, which most gachas seem to for some reason implement.
Great game overall that I have really been enjoying, simple and fun and great for f2p.

My BIGGEST complaint though is the loading time- sometimes it goes at normal speeds but most of the time it's just so agonisingly slow that I am discouraged from playing the game despite loving it so much. I don't know what causes it but it's a huge hindrance for regular gameplay and I wish it could be fixed

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