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art is great.. 😆

Dolls Order


Blur in my phone, anyone can tell me to set graphic to hd, please help.

SoulWorker: Zero


Cant open game after update, this like ip block so just for korean maybe. why [大哭]

Good game for bc fans hope can be pvp or english vertion for next times and i hope menu can change like other rpg.

Best game, awasome. [開心]

After finished install data game stuck at loading 44/45, dont give me fake a hope plis.. [發怒][大哭]

Good game, Hope GM can make char villain, like deadgun, laughing coffin member, pk char and etc in gatcha maybe that be intresting. [開心][開心][哇噻]

Like in fate anime life is hard, after clear chapter 1 enemy so strong so hard to get diamond, gatcha is so hard too but if u fans fate series this game so interesting. [開心]

Nice, but need english vertion. [開心][難過]

Nice game, but sometimes always reconnect hope fgo like this game. [開心]sorry spam.

gameplay like old game but np. can play now. [開心]

Get ulti and char from gacha, need hardwork..

In my phone the game always restart-1 after clearing story no 2, help..



How to get new char.?
but nice onepiece game i think. (。>﹏<)



please add english vertion[大哭]

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I cant upgrade or redonload. help.. [大哭] Read Note
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