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Azur Lane | English



Girls X Battle 2


Im not that interested in the storyline, and it seems like the developers dont too, cuz there are like 20 chaps and only 2 have a storyline, and its already finished evem tough they still put the in progress tag lol, anyway, the game is ok, gameplay just fine, its the girls graphics are amazing, Its just a simple but good way to soend ur time, good game.

Standoff 2


Nothing more to say, just AMAZING.No autoaim and stuff, just and only skills

Arknights | English


The game is very good, and the storyline is very interesting tough a bit illogical some times, I love the graphics of characters like Amiya but there arent lots of good skins(default ones)and its pretty sad for an RPG-anime style tower defense game, also, it would be rly good if they implemented a star promoting system, in this game u have to farm tons of materials to level girls up, but lots of girls(5 star ones and 4 stars too, altough they have some very good talents, their base stats cant keep up with the 6 star ones, and I would rly like to make melantha a 6 star girl(;_ ;)even 5 star is fine...

Forward Assault


The game is pretty decent, tough when jumping it feels like u get pulled to the ground too strongly and the graphics arent too much

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