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Just your ordinary crazy woman from next door with Sett brainrot 24/7.
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Just your ordinary crazy woman from next door with Sett brainrot 24/7.
Game Comments (3)

The Tale of Food | Global


The game is fun and easy to understand. Even in this early state of its release, it is noticeable that you will have to put time into it. You have to farm a lot to level up and progress in the story, to unlock functions, and to gain the necessary items to level and build your characters. The good thing is, however, you can gain shards through various means even if that might take time.
With a little bit of dedication, you progress as free to play well.
The story is interesting and puts focus on the characters.

It is recommendable for anyone who likes food and wants a long-term game.

Dreamy Clover Town


The game is absolutely adorable. Each character has something loveable to them and its just the cutest thing to watch them doing thier things. But the loading a game where your gameplay completely is about building your own little town, harvesting and fulfilling the requests of your villagers, its just tiresome when the game constantly loads for seconds between the smallest things. You want to plant some crops ? Loading....You want to tap that ? Loading.... (Sadly not a connection problem.)
Music and graphics of the game really work great for a relaxing and smoothing atmosphere but do to the loading times it often sadly starts to feel awkward.
Even the story of the game is entertaining in a cute way. Yet I would also wish for more possibilities for the player to actually "play" as it is right now more of a "watch what they do"-kind of game.
Also the prices of the game tend to be on the higher side - which brings me to the point of recruiting villagers. You will need clovers for that and these are sadly quite hard to won't even be guaranteed to gain a new villager of the S grade, so you might pull with your precious clovers and just receive random people (these won't have stories or anything to them, they basically are just workers).
I'd say there is still a lot of room for improvement since the official release - I am looking forward to it's future improvements.

So if you are looking for a cute game, you are here at the right address!

Edit: They released an updated on the 9th of March 2022 which shortened the loading times, you still will have to wait between each action you do (longer than you should) but they did indeed improve it.

Exorcist in Island


It has an interesting approach but everyone who picks it up must be aware that this game is extreme grind. You will spend days, even weeks farming for materials before you will see real progress. New characters are recruited trough scouting which is a really interesting feature. You pick a character you want and slowly build the affection up they have for you through giving gifts and messaging them daily. Every character seems to be able to become a SSR in the end through training, which is great. They all have the potential to become strong in the long run. The game is good playable as a free to play yet do to its slow ways and hard grind you often might feel like there isn't much for you to do as you hit the "must get stronger as you can't progress" multiple times but with limited attempts in instances and co it can get boring.

Is it worth trying ? If you like grind and don't mind long term games , yes it is ! But if you are looking for a quick game to play this one isn't what you are looking for.

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