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I definitely think this game could be better. I miss the old one and i honestly dont think what they did to Sif and SifAs was a good idea. Like yea i get it youre trying to make people play love live again, people stopped playing Sif after 10 years but the people that liked Sifas are just expected to go now and play Sif2? Like they only had Sifas for 3 years what if they werent interested in the rhythm game part? Are they just expected to go and play Sif2, especially when the game is not polished enough?

Playing Sif And Sif2 definitely feels like two different games, in a bad way. I get that they were trying to make a new rhythm game thats more "modernised" but they honestly could've done it so much better. The gameplay feels weird, it misses and doesn't register notes whenever i tap, Its got a weird feeling to it when you play, the tap icons are different (Not looks wise but just how they put them. i cant tell if theyre too far away, too close or too cramped? Ive been playing Sif for 6 years and it doesnt feel the same with the icons. I know that you can now change it to your liking but still)

Im sure a lot will change as this game is still in early development and i really hope it does. Im still gonna play the game as i see this having a chance of getting better, but we'll have to see.

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Does anyone know when the eng ver for SIF2 releases?? and can you tranfer your cards if you played SIF eng??? Read Note
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