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A turn-based fighting game and standard anime girl collector. The art is especially good and I love the art style, as it looks more realistic than most anime games. The story is surprisingly interesting and the booba is very good. Although, it's all in Chinese, so people who can't speak Chinese might need a translator app.

Thanks for reading [開心]

A game where you raise your very own Mola Mola (Sunfish) and watch him grow. At first he grows slowly, bit the more he dies, the faster he grows after respawning.

Easy Mola Mola deaths to help you speed up the progress of your fish:

-Turn your phone screen to the lowest brightness level and wait for the Mola Mola to crash into the side of the screen.

-Keep shaking your phone until your screen is full of bubbles.

-When your Mola Mola respawns, swipe all the eggs in the beginning of the cutscene that plays until all of them disappear.

-Take lots and lots of photos of your Mola Mola with the gane's camera function.

Lovely cat dream party


A fun collecting game where you collect cute cats and play minigames as well as watch ads to earn currency. It's good for passing time, but there is a lot of ads as well. I finished the game pretty quickly.

Tori Himemiya is a scrunkly [賣萌]

A fun offline time-killer with bullet hell gameplay. The music is great as well :)

Wholesome Cats


I wanted to see the cute cats, but all I got was a black screen 😭😭😭

A game that is best played to pass time. It's a Match-3 game with story elements and an art collection feature. Art is good, but could really use some improvements. Gameplay is basic (and tedious at times) but easy to understand. Characters are interesting and well-written [開心]

Google Translate


Google Translate is speaking an entirely new language, and sometimes has the most hilarious translation fails. My brother and I love playing with it [開心]

A super cute game where you adopt pets and watch them walk around your screen, as well as customise your very own house. Gameplay is easy to understand but sometimes gets boring. Has a surprisingly toxic community for such a nice game, however, as the in-game forum is full of screaming children and quarreling twitter users (but nice people also appear from time to time). I still love the game, though :)

Dream Cat Paradise


A fun game where you take care of virtual pets and dress them up. Has a gacha system (and currency is scarce), but gives quite a lot of free items. Requires facebook login. Overall a good game [開心]

ARCore by Google


Lmao I don't remember installing this [憋屈]

Reject anime girls, embrace fish. Fish is better than any booba 👍

Molang's Dream Wardrobe


Looks fun, but I can't get it to work. I'm stuck at the loading screen :(

Edit: Works fine now!

Idle Angels


Aside from the heavy pay-to-win aspect, I absolutely love this game. The art is great and the story literally gives me life (no, really, just read it, it's actually pretty interesting) and I love collecting skins (more booba!) for my characters. Gameplay is standard turn-based game style, and I'm pretty fond of the idle reward system. Zeus and Nuit are my favorite characters. The protagonist of the story is also really pretty :)

Note: The booba starts off quite difficult to unlock, so you have to be patient. You need to wait until you unlock the higher-level skins for your characters, which need lots and lots of Fashion Tickets (or whatever they're called)

✨️ Thanks for reading! ✨️

Custom Cast


An app where you can customise your own 3D virtual avatar and try out your avatar's face tracking function. The graphics are very good (as expected of a 3D vtuber avatar maker game) and customisation is pretty good as well (especially hair). There isn't much gameplay to speak of, as this app is mainly for creating vtuber avatars.



It's QooApp. Nothing else to see here [開心]

The best game in history. All are recommended to play. Stunning, eye-catching art, interesting and lovable characters and amazing visuals, as well as immersive, high-quality music and fun gameplay. No other game has ever attained such a level of brilliance before except this one. This game is truly a force to be reckoned with! The game studio really put in effort 👌

A relaxing game in which you take care of your very own ocean! It's an idle tapper, so it's recommended for fans of such games. Daily play is recommended, as events occur quite regularly. It's relatively free-to-play. The graphics are also really good, and the game even has a photo-taking function to capture pictures of your favorite moments. Everything is also highly customizable :)



A beautiful (and slightly touching) story told through a visual novel game, accompanied by pretty illustrations and interesting characters. I can't write the story here, however, as I don't want to give anyone spoilers [憋屈]

An adorable fashion game where you get outfits for your character and decorate your own little island! It's very similar to Cocone's other game, Pokecolo Twin, except for the fact that it's in 3D jnstead of 2D :3

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??? Is the art in the 3rd image of this game made by AI? I saw it and AI art was the first thing I thought of. Still looks good, though. Read Note
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