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Just some guy who came here to download a Tsum Tsum game. My discord is borpa#0984 in case anyone wants to chat. Just tell me you came from Qooapp :)
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Just some guy who came here to download a Tsum Tsum game. My discord is borpa#0984 in case anyone wants to chat. Just tell me you came from Qooapp :)
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Spotify Music


I can finally listen to the Peppa Pig theme song on repeat without any interruptions. 10/10. Everyone should download. [開心][開心][開心][開心]

Rated 5 stars because of Kurumi Tokisaki. End of story.

One of the only games which has an interesting enough story for me to bother reading (trust me it's very good). Gameplay is pretty boring (I rated it 2 smiley faces lmao), but graphics and art are good. Also, Lucifer is my favorite character. Hoping to get her in gacha soon. Who is your favorite character? Tell me in the comments [厲害]

Bird Alone


I've only known this bird for 3 minutes, but if anything happens to him...

Basically, this game is excellent (despite only being a trial version). Fun, good art and ideal for peoole who don't have much time. You get to interact with a bird, name the bird and talk to him. There isn't a storyline to the game, rmthough. The bird is cute as well [憋屈]

Shining Nikki | Japanese


I actually started playing this for the graphics, but grew to like it more and more.

Graphics: Amazing, including the hair gravity and shading effects. The characters' faces in their 3D models also look realistic but in a nice way and I like how everything here looks as if it has texture and depth, including the movement of clothing and hair.

Gameplay: In this game, you gacha for outfits and dress up your character. Pretty simple gameplay, but the outfits, no matter what rarity, are all really nice. It isn't too pay-to-win eiter as players have s decent chance of earning currency in the game.

Storyline: Like all games I play, I skip all dialogue. I think it saves time. So I don't know much about the storyline.

Thanks for reading :)

Genshin Impact


Contrary to what I used to think, this is actually not a bad game at all.

Graphics: Amazing. The reason why I even started to play this game in the first place, and the reason I haven't quit yet. I only play this game to see the graphics. That's how good they are, even on a potato phone such as mine.

Story: I didn't pay attention. The character design is nice, though. Paimon is cute but a bit annoying sometimes.

Sound: The music is good and adds a nice feeling to the game, especially the battle music. It can be a bit stressful sometimes, however. The voice acting is not bad either and is actually pretty pleasant to hear.

Gameplay: It's very fun and similar to Honkai Impact 3, my favorite game. Although, this game seriously ought to take a page out of Honkai Impact's book and add a bit more special effectd to the characters' normal attacks. Seriously. All the characters have such beautiful skill animations but extremely boring normal attacks, why can't they give the normal attacks nice animations too?

Extra: In short, this game is not bad. In terms of characters, my favorite character is Yae Miko. In terms of gameplay, I mainly use Beidou as she is fun to use. What about you all?

Mystic Realm


This game is actually kinda boring, despite the good graphics. The sound is also pretty poor-quality and nobody really reads the storyline. The gameplay literally consists of watching the screen auto clear everything for you. [汗顏]

The only redeeming point of this game so far is the graphics.

Seven Deadly Pigs


This game is adorable and hilarious. Watching cute pigs walk around makes me super happy. Although the game is not in English, it is simple and easy to understand, as well as being suitable for players of all ages. [微笑][色色]

My only complaint is that the gameplay consists of watching 239531 ads and nothing else.

My feelings here are rather mixed. It actually could be a good game if they tried to make the gameplay more fun, as this game seems rather bland but has a lot of potential. It's actually a shame that players have to sit through boring, generic turn-based chibi anime game-type gameplay just to advance in the game. (It's torture.) The art is very nice, however, and most of the characters are quite likeable. The gacha is not too bad either. The translations do need some work, though.

TL;DR: Good art (and cute chibis), likeable characters, horrible horrible gameplay. Art is [色色], boring gameplay is [no][發火].

Edit: Speaking of characters, my favorite are Emilia (super wholesome) and Karen (nice design).

Pocket Love


It's actually a very nice game. The art is good and it's relatively free player friendly. The game also gives quite a lot of rewards. Although, it would be much better if the game had a story which players could read or at least some story-related cutscenes or events. [開心][開心][開心]

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Amazing game. I've been playing it for 3 years or so and I still enjoy it. I tend to quit most games after a year or so as I get bored of them, but never this one. As long as I have enough storage space, I always keep this game in my phone. This is going to be a long and detailed analysis of the game and I'm sorry to waste your time.

My favorite part of the game so far. Everything is special effects. All your attacks are special effects, walking has special effects and idle animations have special effects. Backgrounds have special effects, enemies have special effects and even weapons have those too. Everything is beautiful, bright and flashy. Everything is well-animated, the voice acting is good too and every character is fun to use. The music is great as well.

I skip all the cutscenes as they waste too much time. But from the small amount that I watched (mostly from Youtube), I can say that the story's actually pretty decent. Every character is well-written and the art is amazing. Some cutscenes are very screenshot-worthy as well. Every event also comes with its own special story.

The 3D modeling and graphics of the characters is absolutely phenomenal. I can zoom in on it and it still looks only slightly pixelated. As far as I'm concerned, there have been no glitches with them so far (although I have heard of some). The character design is also really good and there are many outfits (although expensive) that you can dress your characters in. There is also a dorm where you can interact with adorable chibi versions of the characters that can jump, move and make cute faces when tapped. My favorite character in the game is probably Fu Hua (I really like her outfits and she is fun to play as).

Events occur extremely frequently in this game and they usually give tons of rewards. Most of them are quite easy and accessible for new users. Unfortunately, they take up a lot of storage space. They are still fun, though, and give you lots of free stuff. Events really helped me when a new player.

Thanks for reading :)

Tsum Tsum Stadium


Exactly the same as normal Tsum Tsum, except competitive amd multiplayer. A LINE account is also needed to save data. Music can be a bit stressful sometimes but the tsums are adorable. Character customisation is also very detailed and fun. I recommend playing this together with the normal Tsum Tsum game so that you can alternate between both games whenever you get tired of one. I would say that the other Tsum Tsum is more of the relaxing type and that this one is more of the competitive type.

Game currency is also much easier to earn than regular Tsum Tsum (but you still need to grind) and the game is much more colourful. I have been playing this game for a few months now and have already pulled some good Tsums, so I think you should try this out. There are also many events with different types of rewards, and there is even multiplayer mode, so you can play with your friends. I personally play it with my family (they all have accounts there).

Regular Tsum Tsum game in case anyone wants to see:

Overall, fun game :D

The Live2D is very good. I love games with Live2D! The outfits you can collect in the game are also very nice, despite the bad gacha rates, and the art in the game is really good as well.

It's a really cute game with nice music and many events. Although it can be a bit pay-to-win and the gacha rates are not the best, mytsum drop rates are not good either, but some of the free tsums are very good, especially Max (skill charges up very fast, I always use his skill one after the other), and Gadget Hackwrench (good coin farmer for new players). This version is also much more generous than the Global version and has many exclusive tsums.

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