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:3<< too silly for this cruel world !! >
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:3<< too silly for this cruel world !! >
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I haven’t touched Steam in 3 years. Time to clean the dust off my account…when I get a new computer :)

Gacha Life 2


Gacha Life, but everyone looks really shiny.



(Copied from my review on the Closed Beta Test version)

A cute and fun idle tapping game with pet simulator and city building elements with adorable creatures and calming pastel colors. It has a really relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The tutorial is a bit slow, but it's worth it. The customisation in the game is also really great - you can decorate stuff and dress up your creatures freely and even take photos with them. Gets difficult to advance after a while though, but I still like it. I strongly recommend you to try it :)

Obey Me! Shall we date?


A story-focused game with a gacha system. The art and Live2D are really good and the characters are interesting (Mammon is my personal favorite). The story is quite nice as well. However, the gacha is not very generous, and gameplay is quite monotonous. I really enjoy interacting with the characters, however, especially the function thay allows you to pretend to send messages to them. The chibis are also very cute.

Thanks for reading :)

Destiny Child | Global


A turn-based gacha game with beautiful character designs, nice art (read: very nice booba) and high-quality Live2D. The story is decent (minus the protagonist) and currency is very easy to earn as well.

Note: I think this version is censored. Just something to note for people who want to see the original character art.

A turn-based battle game with an idle reward system, a gacha. Gameplay is alright, but I love the character designs. The game is in Japanese, so you might need a translator app to play it. The booba is really good, and the gacha is moderately generous.

A pet simulator/exercise game where you walk different distances to adopt different pets, with rarer pets requiring greater distances. Has lots of minigames and currency is easy to earn. Designing your pet's house is also very fun. The art is really cute :)

The cutest and best game I have ever played in my life. I promise never to eat a vegetable again. Top-tier art and super adorable loading screens. Recommended for everyone. Booba is temporary, cute vegetable is eternal.

A super cute platformer game where you tap left and right to move and collect coins to unlock skins :)



It's an alright game, but I think the developers should really work on the advertising. Although the game isn't falsely advertised (stuff in the ad is actually in the game, you just find it later on), it should make it clear to players that it isn't really a booba-focused game like the promotional images tell you (among the characters, there are actually more boys than girls, which made me a bit disappointed). The art is pretty good, but a lot of it is AI-generated. I don't really have much more to say, but thanks for reading <3



A cute and fun idle tapping game with pet simulator and city building elements with adorable creatures and calming pastel colors. It has a really relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The tutorial is a bit slow, but it's worth it. The customisation in the game is also really great - you can decorate stuff and dress up your creatures freely and even take photos with them. I strongly recommend you to try it :)

Earth: Revival | Japanese


Here's my review for the game. Enjoy <3

Storage Size: 9.49 GB (wow)

Genre/Theme: A science-fiction/futuristic-themed MMORPG game with realistic graphics.

Story: Unfortunately I can't read Japanese, so I don't know. I guess you could use a translator app?

Gameplay: Standard MMORPG gameplay but manual instead of auto, which I like! You do quests and attack enemies by shooting at them. Your attacks even have a manual aiming system that can be sometimes frustrating, but usually super fun :)

Thanks for reading [開心]

Shadow Brides


Warning: Long Review Ahead

Storage Size: 1.58 GB so far

Gameplay: Turn-based with a hint of strategy. You can have quite a lot of characters in a team, which I like. Animations are nice to watch and I love how the artstyle changes from realistic to 2D. There's auto mode later on in the game, though.

Art/Characters: My favorite part of the game so far! I especially love how it looks more realistic compared to most other games of this type that have a primarily anime-like art style. The characters also have some very interesting personalities and I like their voicelines a lot. Also, GREAT booba.

Story: Looks interesting, but I haven't really read much of it due to impatience. Might edit this later if I have time.

Pay-to-win: It's ok, but it likes to promote paid purchases like crazy. The gacha is alright as well. Not generous, but not too stingy.

Thanks for reading and have a great day <3

My cell story


A simple, cute virtual pet game where you feed your very own creature (which is supposed to be a cell). Customizing your creature's house and furniture is also possible, which I find quite fun. Contains some really adorable animations. My brother loves it.

Angel Legion


‼️ Warning: Long Review Ahead ‼️

Storage Size: 0.95 GB (or so my phone says)

Overall thoughts: It's quite a good game to pass time, and collecting outfits/dressing up my characters is by far my favorite feature. Game could use a bit more booba, but that's a minor issue. Watching the battles can get a bit boring sometimes, but the story looks promising (disclaimer: I haven't read much of it though).

Gameplay: Turn-based combat with equippable items that you can use in battle to help your characters and stuff. Uses 3D graphics. Has auto mode (good for lazy peopme like me). Contains an idle battle system as well so rewards continue to accumulate when you go offline. It's a little bit pay-to-win, but who cares. The gacha isn't the best.

Art/Graphics/Character Design: Pretty good. 3D model quality was better than I thought. Character customisation is super advanced and there are lots of outfits that you can get to dress up your characters in. The game seems to have a futuristic/science-fiction theme. I personally find the Mysterious Girl really pretty.

Extra: There's also a fun VR (Virtual Reality) function that you can play around with. I love it [微笑]

Thanks for reading besties :)

Pony Town - Social MMORPG


Haha funny pixel horse

It refuses to open and keeps crashing. Anyone know anything I can do to solve this issue? I heard the server switched to an offline version, but I thought the offline server still works. I was really looking forward to playing this [大哭][大哭][大哭]

Lovely Cat Mermaid Castle


The same as Lovely Cat Dream Party but underwater themed. You can dress up cats and play minigames with them, as well as merge cats to get new ones :)

(There are lots of ads though)

Echocalypse | SEA


Edit: I love the furniture placement and home decoration function. I'll move this up by 1 smiley face.

Alright, everyone. I'm going to review every aspect of the game I've experienced so far, so prepare for a LONG review. Expect lots of gameplay complaints because I'm a picky person (but don't let it influence your opinion of the game as everyone likes different things) Enjoy, besties :)

Art: Really good. Lots of booba. Snezhana is my favorite character, and I'm also VERY happy with the amount of bunny girl skins in the game. The chibis are also super adorable and the characters have some pretty cool outfits.

Gameplay: Boring. Tiny anime people take turns hitting each other while you watch. Not a fan. (Yeah, I don't really like turn-based games...) Also, there are lots of tedious little mission thingies.

Little edit about gameplay: Apparently once you reach a certain level/story chapter, you canskip the gameplay. Nice.

Pay-to-win: Unfortunately (but predictably), yes. Skins are WAY too expensive and I don't think anyone would ever buy them (despite them looking nice). I strongly do not recommend buying any of the in-game purchases. Gacha currency is difficult to earn. Rates aren't the best.

Story: I don't really understand what's happening, but it seems pretty interesting. You can read it if you have time I guess.

Game overview: An anime gacha game with turn-based gameplay and home design.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day [開心]




Another game that looks fun and cute...but doesn't work [大哭][大哭][大哭]

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