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I like games. Writer. Reader. Drawer. Manga/Manhwas. Ikemen. I like pretty boys. Gacha Addict
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I like games. Writer. Reader. Drawer. Manga/Manhwas. Ikemen. I like pretty boys. Gacha Addict
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Hello hello and yet another review from moi! It's been a long time since I did a review on a game. So here goes!

Graphics: 15/10

At first, very skeptical. I had my fair share of 3D games before and lemme tell y'all. It was horrendous and cringy af. I've seen the sneak peeks from yt and I thought, huh, okay? Sure but not sure? (My first pick there was Xavier cause thoughts are overlapping with TOT and I keep seeing Zayne as Artem)

When I played this, I was like, whoa! Hold the phone! Hello handsomes! So yeah, here I am. Loving the game. Hehehe. I am an AllP(Ensemble Stars reference where I manage or like them all) but there's always this one guy that stands out and it's Zayne. So yeah, I totally got sidetracked here.

Graphics. 👍

Sound: 15/10

Beautiful. Symphonic. Im on Jp dub and lemme just say that they sound DIVINE! Music to my ears. Food for my soul. I dont need to eat anymore as long as I just listen to Zayne. Sure, I wont understand squat what hes saying but he sounds so good the power of my love will translate it for me.

Gameplay 14/10

I LOVE IT. I discussed this with my friend before and though this gives me TOT vibes, the story is definitely not TOT. Not saying this cause I hate TOT(I cant my Lukey is there) but for like comparison:

The story is like watching an anime instead of just constantly reading huge blocks of texts. Tho I know reading texts is a core thing in Otomes but TOT should dial it down as well as the lawyer-y stuff. Im too airheaded to process such heavy, big brain words.

I am surprised to see theres battle in this. I thank Genshin, TOF, and other similar games for making me good at dodging. Though I hope they adjust the dodge button to the lower right where my thumb can reach easily? Or better yet, an option to adjust button layouts for battle.

I love your interactions with the men. Especially the part where if you wanna customize their chat bubbles and stuff or their clothes in everything, theres an option where we can have them decide or we ask them to change something. It makes the game immersive and not just us switching something on or off(even though thats what we're really doing) Plus, they can refuse!!!! It hurts but yeah, this game should teach us rejection every now and then. Like how Zayne refuses to switch with me in the claw game...

Speaking of...the Claw Machines, even in the digital world, are rigged! Have Rafa get you the stuffies, hes good. Idk about Zayne yet since I hogged the crane cause I didnt know better. Let Xavier play if you wanna go home with nothing 😂

Storyline: 14.5/10

Am hooked and am digging it! Its suppose to be 15 but they just HAVE to go do that us. Anyone finished Ch 4, y'all know what I mean. Here, have some tissues.

Value: 14/10

I bought. XD I cant help it. So far, the perks are good. The gacha is...uh...kinda bad? Kinda. Or my luck is just downright bad. Im just glad my account is Zayne blessed. Good thing tho! They're somewhat generous with their pities plus a ton of tickets we receive since they released. Looking forward to my Zayne gold ticket banner!

Overall, I love this game and will keep it. I might quit one day, just like how I quit some of my games, but as long as I have bound it to my email, I wont quit QUIT.

Happy hunting for your men, Hunters! ❤️

What in Hell is Bad?


This game is bonkers. It made me laugh more than it made me feel weird. It has a lot of flaws and a looooot of improvements. Like there are crashes sometimes, more battles than story, features not complete, overcrowded server and...last but not the least, how they wrote the story.

But anyways, for my review...

Graphics. 9/10. Very beautiful and breathtaking cards. But I don't get why they have these kind of art only to half-ass it with Satan's default sprite. As much as I love him and I'm a Satan main, his default sprite is
U G L Y! His selfie card and CGs are making me forgive that but then I have to see that ugly side of him during the story. Eugh. Oh, and their chibis also feel so rushed and half-ass lol. Not the ones in battle, cause that's cute but the one's in the Secret Club.

Also let me just say as a special mention. HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE THIGHS ON LEVI?!?! Like daaaaaaaaaaamn. Is it bad that I wanna leave bite marks on his smooth skin? Lmao

Sound. 10/10. *insert Patcha meme* Perfect moans and groans. My favorite is Phenix. Nothing sounds PLEASURE like him. Oh, and I also love it whenever I'm messing with them in the Ero zone. Fave O face: Satan. Totally not because I'm a Satan main.

Gameplay. 7/10. Eh. It's so grindy but then I'm not in a rush so I can do that slow and steady. It's like a weird tower defense but I'm cool with it. There's too many battles tho and I kinda wanna read the story already.

Storyline. 4/10. Yes, I did say that I wanna read the story and the battles are just going on forever. BUT!
As a writer myself and a reader of smut, this game is a BAD example lmao. If they're aiming for an NSFW VN, you're going to get turned off from the words they're using.

But it's understandable since this game is not restricted and minors can still have access to it. However, they're playing hopscotch between making it the NSFW VN-like game that they promised and a VN game for all ages. In the end, that indecision makes this a hodgepodge of a mess.

Value. N/A. I ain't spending on anything anymore. XD

All and all, and to be fair, this has been weirdly hooking me. I usually get bored easily with VNs with bad translation, but the VN UI is okay, but better than FGO that looks like it's a default RPGmaker dialogue box lmao. The story is interesting to me. Graphics and sounds are amazing! But dudes, omg, I kennat with how they write the hot scenes lmfaooo. 😂

Oh, and the gacha for Greater Keys is baaaaaaaaaaad. A little better with the updates now and thanks for the 300 Lesser Keys! They're all gone btw.

The Tale of Food | Global


A little busy but will edit this for a full review soon~

This. Is. Amazing!

So far, I am loving this game!

Graphics, Sound, Gameplay are the bomb! This is the first time I ever played a rhythm with a live concert going on in the background.

It is a pro and a con on itself since it makes the game immersive but then, because there are pretty boys in the background, you end up getting a miss here and there. But that's just probably me since I'm a total EnStars noob.

Storyline so far is very interesting. I assume this is going to be the stories of how these bad boy and good boy boy bands started and I can't wait to see more!

There are some typos and grammar mistakes here and there, not to mention spelling errors but not so much that I end up dropping reading it. So, all's good, all's good.

For the value, man, how I wanted to tell this game 'take my money already' but sadly, this onee-san is dirt poor.

However, let me just say that their value isn't actually half bad! (Unless the game transform into a money-hungry monster in the future, that is. I hope not. Lol [暈])

Anyway, I've been reading a lot of hate on this game because it doesn't compare to the Jp version and there's only one thing I can say.

Please, don't be too hard on this game.

First of all, this is a newly launched game.

Therefore, it's not perfect. There are bound to be bugs, errors, and many more. Heck, even fully developed games that are already launched and consoles are still rife with bugs(*cough* Skyrim *cough*)

Second of all, I may not really be in the position to say this because I haven't played the Jp version myself but it is still unfair to judge this game and expect it to be 100% the same with the Jp version.

Everything has a reason and there's probably a reason why the devs made those changes in the game. Probably to cater to non-Jp speaking and writing players.

However, such hate that this game is receiving can influence newbies like me and judge it as well even before they can give it a chance.

A good game isn't perfect from the get-go. Trial and error is key here and both the players as well as the devs are groping in the dark to make a better game.

Anyway, for me, I will give this game a chance and enjoy it because this is a game and it's meant to be enjoyed. I came here for the experience and the ride that I will be facing in the future.

Sure it might be bumpy and sometimes it won't be fun but I'm determined to stick with it to the end.

Because pretty boys rule!

So, give this game a go and have fun or not have fun! Enjoy or not enjoy, it all depends on you now. You can always uninstall, the choice is yours and you have the power.

As for me, add me as friend in-game pls lmao jk


Maaaaaaaaaan, this game sure is giving me mixed feelings.

But in a good way. It just kind of like gives me nostalgia from other games that I've played.

So, I don't speak Japanese nor do I know how to read it but what made me attracted to this game is the pixel graphics and the horror-ish look of the place, plus the aliens.

I am a sucker for pixel games, horror-pixel games(this is not a horror game though), and I love me some aliens! And this game has all three which made me install it even though I can't speak or read Japanese.


As far as a I can understand, based on watching and using my eyes and my brain to make an inference, I have deduced that you are a girl, who has a living dumpling on her head and you are manning a restaurant.

Apparently, people here are S T A R V I N G and never knew good food even if it hits them in the face. And thus starts your journey as a restaurant owner.


Graphics. 10/10.
Despite being a pixel game, it has 👌👌👌 graphics! Lovely! C'est magnifique(no, I no nothing of French but this situation just calls for it).

The whole pixel thing with a drab and dark-ish atmosphere made me think it was a horror game at first, but it actually has a cheerful vibe to it once you play it.

The alien theme reminds me of We Happy Restaurant. But in this restaurant, we don't cheat our customers and instead we do the opposite. We give them the time of their lives by giving them good food enough to make them hallucinate or experience a sensation like they do with dr*gs(never had those and never will btw, never do dr*gs kids)

Sound. 10/10.
The sound reminds me of that other pixel game I played which also has an alien theme to it. The Diary of a Space Janitor.

It gives a sort of nostalgic feel to it and an out-of-this-world quality to it too.

Gameplay. 10/10.
Love the mini games when you go and cook food for the customers. I am a Master Slicer/Chopper/Dicer yo! But I have to get the hang of that pan-tossing and...can I just skip the goop scooping, though, cause I am very bad at it haha.

Storyline. N/A.
But maaaaaaaan, how I wish I was born Japanese so I can enjoy these kinds of games. I really wanted to immerse myself on the story though.

Like, why were the food bad? What made you want to cook and make a restaurant? What is your goal?

Something like that. If you guys know if this gets translated to English, please hmu(i beg you). Otherwise, if you know places where this has a translation, lemme know too.

Value. 8/10.
Wow, for a game as good as this, I can't believe the price is so low for like an ad-free feature on this game. I usually don't put scores on value(given if this means how the game ranks in terms of worthiness whether to spend real money on it or not), but the price is just whoa! Even for a street rat like me.

And that's it! This is it for the arcade-y and introguing game of Catastrophe Restaurant.

Will continue to play this on my downtime and well, hopefully get to the bottom of the story of this or something.

Until next time![開心]

Dear My Cat


A very calming and refreshing game. Oh, let's not forget chill.

If I just want to hang back and not be pressured from the demands of other games(log ins, events, keep friend list fresh, stuff like that) then this is my go-to.

I played this on my potato phone before and let me just say, it was dying. The graphics of this game is no joke apparently haha. Anyways, now that I have a new phone, this game plays smoothly and I can now play and judge it.

Graphics and Sound are very soothing and calming. I usually play this while I write. I can leave it there and let the music soothe me while I work.

Since this is an idle game, expect an idle game for your Gameplay. Storyline is okay, the stories of each cat is pretty unique and interesting.

My only hang-up for this game are the ads. Like if you don't play the ads, expect a very slow progress and a snail-paced development of your place.

But well, this game is not made for 'who have the biggest island faster wins' kind of thing anyway. The puzzle events to get special cats is a nice touch. But sometimes, despite the freedom this game gives, I sometimes feel trapped but I guess that's just me.

Anyways, since I kept this game for so long and managed to review it while it's still in my phone, it must mean that I really like it(despite the fact that I am not really a patient person and this game is a patience + long-term kind of game) and it's worth a try.

Spoiler ahead!

Actually, it's not a spoiler but let me just say that I have a theory these cats are dead and they're in cat heaven now. They all wishing for their owner to pick them up but I feel that ain't happening.

O. M. G.

This is just the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest.

Usually, I don't get these kinds of games unless it's an otome but guys, this just made me realize something. I dont frecken care if this game isn't otome!

As long as I am surrounded by handsome and loveable ikemen both physical and personality-wise, I. AM. ON. BOARD this train even if it sends me to MOBAGE HELL!

Despite not being a mobile game where you fall in love and have an official harem here, you will still fall in love with the characters here and have your own unoffical harem here(at least in your head).

Not only that but you will also form deep bonds and meaningful friendships.

You will hate. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will laugh some more. But most of all, you will have a sore throat for either screaming how much you love the guys in the game or stop yourself from screaming and flailing in bed lest you wake your parents at night!

The graphics 10/10 and sound 10/10. Both are! WOW!

Why are they so shiny, shinnering splendid in my eyes?! Beautiful men in cards are already a killer but beautiful men in card who can TALK and MOVE in your home screen to talk about stuff? OMG!

I ADORE the effort they put in for every card with a different outfit, they have a different set of dialogue + VOICE LINES. How cool is that! I swear this is the only game I managed to play by letting them finish talking even though I finished reading the lines.

Also not that even though they are not reading all the dialogue in their dialogue boxes, it's fine since it's like other mobage and some voiced console games(RF series for example) where they shortcut what's said and what's on the texts. No biggie, no biggie.

Gameplay 10/10 epic!

The card battles from FGO + Rhythm game??? Oh ho ho, sign me up, please! This makes the game even more interesting and enjoyable.

As someone who plays a lot of rhythm games, I adore this game feature. Playing twist tunes while you wait for your energy to load is amazeballs. And no, the energy you need is not for reading the story, you can read em all with no charge at all(best thing ever), you need the energies to level up your cards for card battles in the story.

But no worries, charging of LP(energy) is surprisingly super fast!

Story 100/10

Lmao. I guess I got carried away. I soooooooo want to gush over the stories here. And even though I was only at chapter 2, I have GOT to make a review. My hands are itching to make a review to let all of this giddiness out of me.

At first I was worried cause, as I writer, I fear they will sometimes rush the stories and stuff. But oh my, oh my, they made the writer in me so happy! I just adore how the stories are, definitely they'll give you a rollercoaster experience, that is for sure!

Again, I sooooo wanna talk about the stories cause yes, they are that good.

But I shall refrain for I shall let you all explore and discover the wonderful and twistedness of this Twisted Wonderland.

Value. Again will leave this NA cause I is dirt poor :((

But lemme say that earning and saving for keys and dias are pretty sweet and easy.

Even though, I repeat, this is NOT an otome or a romance game. However, all the more reason for you to love everyone there right? RIGHT?! Hehehe.

Anyways, I am going to head back and play now. I can hear Headmage Crowley summoning his gopher--er me and Grimm.

Until next time!

This game was recommended by a friend of mine since they're also playing.

However, when he invited me to play or two years ago, my phone was so potato, it can barely load anything past the loading stage without spazzing.

Graphics are lovely <3

Adorable and very yummy-looking no joke, this game is making me want to munch on some cookies while playing. (then that doesn't bode well for my cookie peeps right? lmao [怪笑])

Sound is very cute and kingdom-y.

If there is one kind of melody or instrument or something that makes me think about a castle or a kingdom, it's the intro song of this game. But then again, this IS a cookie kingdom so it makes sense.

Gameplay is entertaining and unique.

This game is not at all your typical and plain jane kingdom building game. Making a cookie run + combat WHILE building your kingdom makes this kingdom-building more entertaining and enjoyable. Add in a gacha and you're all set for hours of fun.

That is, until your energy runs out lol. But then again, I think that is also a good thing to give yourself a break from gaming once in a while.

Storyline is very entertaining and I love it!

How the cookies interact with each other is very funny and I appreciate these small and extra stories each cookies has even while you're not in Adventure mode. Other than that, they have more stories along with their connections to other cookies in your cookie gallery. This makes you feel like you have a bond with them which is a very nice touch!


Note: I keep thinking that Value is about the ingame shop ever since I started reviewing games from here. If it is, then that's great! If not, then my bad. Let's just say that the Value here refers if the cost is worthy or not.

And since I am dirt poor, I skip the shop that costs real money so I don't know about this one.

Overall, this game is really very good!

The events here give you som awesome cookies to add to your growing Kingdom and I especially like how you can not only design your kingdom but have your cookies interact with the stuff there as well. It's very satisfying to see them up and about.

Alright, here I am again, ready to review some hapless game... [怪笑]

First and foremost, ever since I played Mystic Messenger, I never got over Yoosung. And I never played any otome-based game again because...well, I don't want to cheat on my lovely Yoosung? [汗顏]

Haha, stupid, I know. But it's been years and I feel like I am ready for a new love.

Let me get this out of the way and tell you that I already had this game years before. However, because I had no access to a stable and regular internet I had to let it go.

I honestly just got interested in this game because Jun Fukuyuma is Koga's VA.

Now that I got the opportunity to really play this, I got hooked.

Not just because of Jun Fukuyuma and Koga but because of the whole story itself. In the end though, I really fell hard for Yura and Aoi. I plan to read everyone's story but so far, it's my baby Aoi for me and my loves Yura for now.

Now, to the specifics...

Graphics and Sound is *chef's kiss*! [鬼臉][賣萌]

Unlike Twisted Wonderland, the sprites moving during the story doesn't lag(unless it's the part where those stupid Wraiths appear).

Gameplay, uhh, it could be better, I guess. Not much to do but to click-click to do Patrols and Events and stuff. Still, maybe they did that on purpose because this IS a game where you collect ikemen and enjoy in the story while beautiful men shower you with love and affection one rarely(almost never...sometimes) feel in real life(*insert crying for the single ladies like me lol [大哭][大哭][大哭]*).

Storyline is wow! I mean, I am a writer myself and I read a lot of books in my life, played otomes and many more. So, I'm a little picky when it comes to storylines in a game.

However, this game may have a hit and miss in terms of storyline but dude...I stuck around, haven't I?

That means, there's so many hits and less miss that the story is worth a shot.

The intro may have been a little on the boring side what with the explanations and main conflict going on. But it's where the Lovers part you gotta look foward to.

I finished Yura's story which got me hanging out on Cloud Nine for a good while before I crave for more. Now, I'm at Aoi's story and I really am itching to earn keys so I can read more and let my Aoi cook me food! [色色][賣萌][害羞][開心] better than the other games!

I don't usually spend money on mobile games but you bet your bottom dollar I spent money on this game. But I regret cause I shoulda rolled for Yura's gacha [大哭] but oh well...

Oh! And let me just say that I really, really, REALLY appreciate the FREE revival events. Thank you so very much, game! I love you [色色][色色][色色][色色]

Anyway, I guess that's it from me.

Until the next review then!

Hello hello again!

So, this time, lemme review...Cocoppa Play!

Ive been playing since 2016 because Tinierme shut down and I want to play something just like it. I found Cocoppa and lost my first account(but is okay, I never had any decent faces there, anyway) and started anew. Now Im happy with my hard-earned fashion articles and Ill be danged if I lose this again(Thank you, data transfer).

I have a love-hate relationship in this game. If I didnt work so hard on a couple of sets I had, Id be trashing this game(no, not really).

Anyway, enough of the intro. On the review....

Graphics is superb! Lovely, lovely outfits! I use them in my art sometimes(will send photos of my avatars that I drew in my Notes). Though I notice the collab outfits are a little on the cheap side. And by cheap, I mean, their art quality isn't like that of the usual glossy, shiny and sparkly clothes Cocoppa has with their own clothes. It's more like a flat 2D art more than anything but that's just my observation.

Additionally, the graphics are a little too high quality, potato phones like mine are going to struggle with loading them all. Especially if you or someone you visit to cheer have moving backgrounds. Turn them off for better performance at the Settings.

Sound is annoying! Although it reminds me of my OJT days, the same time I started playing the game, it's annoying. There's a reason I played this game with the BGM settings off.

Gameplay is a bore and its exhausting. We all know events are good and all, but every week theres a new event? omg. I tried joining all the events before and it only stressed me out while my resources are depleting fast.

Anyway, my advice, play the events you only like and avoid the events you hate like the plague. You wont die if you miss an event or two. Use the rest time to finish Dailies for coins and tickets along with replenishing your resources.

Me? I dont like the Style Wars the most.

Like I mentioned about the graphics, Style Wars is the most annoying because you need to be redirected to the Event page to blast them to kingdom come. And if you have potato phone + potato internet expect for the event person to leave lol.

Storyline, I always skip this one cause, again, big graphics + potato phone, not good combo. Hence I skip it. Therefore I cant make judgment about it.

Value is abominable! This game is expensive! Expensive I tell you. A lot of money for a few measly coins? No thanks. Im already a poor boi.

Thankfully, their generosity has improved through the years. Both the currency earning and the gacha rates, all good now. Before, I never got a face after a year of playing, when I returned, I now have more faces I dunno what to wear now.

It all just depends on your luck this time and hope you get lucky all the way!

P.S. Despite me dissing this game, I like it. Hence the reason why I keep it all these years lol.

Arcana Tactics


So, lemme get this out of the way first and foremost.

I dont like puzzles, strategy, tactics or any games that needs brain power. My brain is already dying from my job lmao so I want my games to relax me and avoid using brainpower.

However! This game is one of the few games that needed brainpower but I still keep. Well, I do uninstall it from time to time but thats because nee-san is poor and she doesnt have any phone storage so she has to lay off some games.

But as soon as this nee-san isnt poor any more and got to expand storage, Arcana Tactics is theone game she always wants to have back into her arms, welcome them home, give them tea and cookies as well as a warm place to stay for...forever!

That is, until the next time her storage space runs out and she has to say goodbye to some games again. lmao.

Anyway, what I like about this game is the unique gameplay. There is no such thing as rolling(or pulling when it comes to gacha games, but I call it rolling) for a 5* char and then nurture and train them to become even more powerful while the starter chars, which id like to call as 'little ones', stay at home and twiddle their thumbs.

No, that is not what this game is about and thats what makes it so unique.

You get to use everything and everyone in this game, no matter if they 5* or 1*. And whats make this more endearing is you have to take care of your little ones first and foremost so they can carry you through stages until you can fuse them to become stronger chars.

The art is adorable, the gacha is more generous than other gacha games Ive played. Currency is easily earned here as well.

I stil think theres a lot of room for this game to grow and Im glad im part of it. So well see what they can add in the future.

And, lastly, I appreciate that you can play both timed stages and untimed stages(practice run).

This way, you can play and experiment what combo your team will be, what peeps you need to fuse and what 5* you gonna be aiming. At the same time, you also get to challenge yourself and see let Lady Luck guide your fuses.

May she also guide your rolls and your fuses as well.

In all honesty, I dunno about the anime of this game. I was only roped in by my friends who got the game because they watched the anime. I am poorly informed and I dont have the time to watch it myself. I did wonder if I get to enjoy this game even though I dont know the characters and all that.

However, the moment I started playing, one doesnt have to know the anime to enjoy this.

Its the first game that I played with this kind of game mechanic. And its more than just getting good servants and making them strong. Its all about using that thing inside your head called brain.

Dish out combos and chains. Dont be scared to use your servants' skills to power each other up and deal bigger damage to your enemies.

Behold the bounties of lolis, ooka-sans, and onee-sans in this game and bask under the wide spread of shotas, ooto-sans, and nii-sans!

Other than collecting servants that all interact with each other during events, you also get to cry and despair when the gacha is a total jerkward to you by not giving you the servant you want after all the bloody tears you cried and the dead bodies you sacrificed....

Anyway, this is a good game! Make sure to friend me cause I'm pretty strong now. If not, friend me still, I need someone to carry me. Thank you!

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