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An ARPG game that content juici, secci constructs with best graphic. Heheee...boi.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

Final Gear | Global


Damn....I have waiting for this game so long that my beard turn white_(°ω°」 ∠).

I play the game because the anime is super trolling!( ^ω^)
Gameplay is RPG, 2D TurnBase.
Gacha likes Princess Connect.
Graphic is great, waifus and husbando are good.
I rate this game 7,9/10.( ・ิω・ิ)



This is a slap right the face game

Touhou LostWord | Global


1. Story is cool, troll, funny.
2. Gameplay is like FGO, nice.
3. Gacha is 5% for character.
4. Graphics are lovely.
5. Dont worry about fighting bosses like old days that make your nerves breaking.
=> Overall is 6,4/10.

1. Gameplay is tag team, funny, sexy, style, perfect.
2. Story is fun, happy, sad, drama, action, adventure, etc.
3. Characters are looking seriously H.O.T!!!
4. Gacha system is friendly, garanteed S rank at 100 rolls. ( p/s : rate up S rank is 1.5%, better than 0,6% LOL >°3°>).
5. Keep griding everysingle day and thing will be fine.
6. Overall I first rate this game 10/10!( ・ิω・ิ).
7. Good luck Captains...( ^ω^)!

Devil Book | English


1. I have been waiting for 2 whole years.
2. The game is very very fun expecially for Wibus, Otakus, Childrens.
3. Gameplay like Guardian Tales in 2D, Princess Connect, Epic Seven, Ys, Etc.
4. Gacha rate is great for newbies and generous even when you are oldbies.
5. Story will make you laugh.
6. Overall, I give this game 8.9/10!(p/s: if you are an adventure then try 1 time,lol).

The story is great.
Waifus are cool, sexy, lovely, perfect.
Gameplay is interesting.
Gacha rate for 5* is 3%.
Home screen jobs are very good.
I give the game 8,4/10!!!



I love waifus, expectially Orslaha, she is too OP.
The normal banner is 3% for 3*.
Limited banner is 1.5% for 3*.
Gameplay and story are good.
Graphic is awesome.
Gacha is lagging also needs sound effecting, etc.
Over all I give this game 7.84/10!!!

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