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honkai star rail if possible
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honkai star rail if possible
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it has been two years I plays fgo. playing both jp and na. both server does fun. story is so underrated. people should know fgo more

finally Im back here TAT Im old player and start playing prosekai even since the game first launch but what a shame Ive lost my old acc TT

anw prosekai really improves a lot since Ive not play it for long time. but what happen with sega stop working with egg craft? Im curious anw its really playful as I plays bandori XD thanks sega x craft egg for design this beautiful game! Im into this bc imma vocaloid fans X3

Five Nights at Freddy's


Best ever first version of all time X3

Lonely Guy


Well idk why I still plays it but it's fun its sksjdksj


The game is great enough
I used to play prosekai until then I used another phone and it's same as prosekai so I can have fun like I were plays prosekai from before

For now my current device I uses not supported to even install prosekai TT

Love it! Since it's honkai sksjsk but what a shame I can't even understand them and english server had been stopped TT

Hatsune Miku -TAP WONDER-


Use to chillin myself up after plays other rpg games X3 really helpful

I totally adores this starting from watching their animations even before genshin release but just got to play it now
I do appreciate mihoyo and please do evangelion collab once more if possible, didn't have the chance to play while the event goes on bc I've exam that time TAT if genshin can have collab for twice then do for evangelion too!!

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