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Instagram&Tiktok-Gravivitynekol.Hypnosis Mic :DDDDD
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Girls X Battle 2


All Waifus are here! But dont believe the ad's. It's completely different. And Fun!. Character voices , Graphics & Art Style is Awesome too!. But i think i hate 1 thing from this game. The BILLING and PAYING . Only VIP players & Rich players has the ranking and rewards. I know this game has many rewards that you just used them quickly . I hate this. Almost every game has this kind of thing especially Mobile Legends: Bang Bang I'm playing this game almost 3 years. But I'm still Tired of Ranking up & Some pro players who PAID to WIN. Be careful. I'M still playing this Game~!
Girls x Battle
User name: KAMI
Lets be friends-! Thank you.☺

Some characters doesn't have voice. They need to add Voice effect's on some characters. But good game if you want to collect charcters. (Dunt care abt lvl or rating?) And Story-Line is kinda strange to me. (I dunno what others think?) It is mysterious. And strange. Cuz there is no point that you can take your WANTED & WISHED character. And it's hard to collect Ability Stones [same as diamonds] ." If an enemy is too strong try scouting up new characters of level up your current characters" -game quote?
But there is so many things that You Need to SCOUT UP NEW CHARACTERS and LOSE YOUR ABILITY STONES in Seconds. So if you're a NEWBIE :
you just need to level-up your STRONGEST characters. If you level up too many Useless-Powerless/low rate/ characters. Then later you will regret.
Thank you.

Graphics , Voices & Hero's Story are amazing but has few heros. And Some Story-Line's are boring. But if you have a luck then. You can collect more characters. 😄 Good ,but u are nothing if u dunt have any partners or friends.

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