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Hello my fellow Egg Yolks
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Hello my fellow Egg Yolks
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FR Legends


The customization is pretty amazing and the Gameplay is okay, could be better if there was an option to turn off collision, since a few annoying players in each server tend to crash into other players on purpose. Also in my opinion the game is pretty much boring since there's not much cars, and vehicles that players wanted to see in the game never gets added and probably not even taken into suggestion. And personally I would've love to see some popular Drifting locations/maps from Japan and other countries but mostly Japan lol



It would've been nice to login with LINE, since it's giving me a hard time signing up with Floor whatever the hell that is. I mean it makes no sense since it might be supported by LINE Games, and then another problem is that there's a Google Translate Option but... I'm unable to access it...

[UPDATED]: if this is suppose to be a Beta Test then you should've put (CBT) idiot, instead of supposedly
"Early Access" it makes no sense at all, your literally misleading players that the game is out but in Early Access, but instead it's in Beta...

You guy's need to add a way to make an account to save data and for data transfer to other devices, that save changes bolecrap isn't gonna cut it, I will not keep playing this game if that is not added, I don't trust games that don't have an account making option to save and transfer data to other devices and I never stay long.

Mini DayZ 2


if it's not Multiplayer then I won't waste my time any further

Don't listen to the reviews saying that this game is in English cause there lying. The game is not in English, I've checked and it's such a waste of time figuring out if there's a setting for that since the damn server is not in the US.

gudetama tap!


Don't need words to say πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Genshin Impact


love this game a lot but can't really play well atm because the GPU keeps going in the red and then the fps starts dropping on my Note 9, but regardless it's still a really good game

Hope they'll be an English version, kinda doubt it though

it's so got damn aggravating when you can't lock the insects that you wanna keep or put them away in some other storage or cage because you'll end up selling the ones you want and keep the ones you don't.

[UPDATED] 2/9/21: WOW... you guys are such douchebags, here I am trying so hard to collect the event login rewards & EVERY TIME right at the last day to collect the last login rewards you asses reset it, this is the third time this happened, I mean the hole point of me collecting the damn event rewards is to get THE LAST.. REWARD! that's been reset before I even had the chance to collect it, now I'm pretty sure I have more BAGS UNDER MY EYES right after this..[ι–‹εΏƒ][η™Όε›°][發火]

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