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I like anime maids.. that's it lol
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I like anime maids.. that's it lol
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that moment when you finally clear grievous lady


Custom Cast


I like maids [色色]

Jokes aside, this is one of my "time killer" games. Spending hours just trying to make the perfect maid over and over again. The hair animation is also really great! If you don't know, alot of the assets are from the pc game Custom Order Maid 3D2. I've dumped 400+ hours in that game(no flex) just so I can vibe with my maido waifu. All in all, if you want to make nice looking vtubers or just wanna create some noice anime grills, look no further.

Graphics are pretty good for a mobile game. Sound is okay, alot of it is reused from ship to ship but atleast it doesn't make your ears bleed. Gameplay is great, each ships have their own ups and downs and different playstyle. No storyline. I value alot of my time to this game, simply because its actually challenging and this game is not pure p2w (Been league 10/legend 5 times without buying anything). In conclusion, great game for its platform. Requires some tactics and fast decision making.

Azur Lane | English


i like ships

Warship Craft


This game, unlike other warship games is very unique. Instead of getting ships that already existed in history this time you get to customize your own ship with a variety of hulls/propulsion/armament/superstructure (or recreate one in history but thats no fun :P). Graphics are alright, terrain is barebones tho, sound is alright, nothing remarkable, gameplay is top notch, something different to play other than WOWSB. Storyline is meh, I can understand the japanese fine even though its not my mother tongue. If this game was posted globally in ENG language this would ngl be a huge hit.

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