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if i were a man i'd f a woman
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if i were a man i'd f a woman
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takes too long to do lessons

Bistro Heroes


this game has cute artstyle,
the sound fits perfectly to the game,
the gameplay was kinda easy you just have to read each characters specialty skills and theres also an icon which needed for specific stages,
i like the story,
if you stare at the food when you are supposed to cook it you will get hungry even though you did it ,
i still have this game and grinding for it,
you can also dresses em up each have sets of themes so you have to watch out for events cause the stars will fall of the ground which you can buy for things.



i like the artsyle,
there's also mini games 5 plays max it will recharge everytime (claw machine is my fav:3),
if you want to progress fast go watch ads it'll not pop up not like other games,
you can change the BGM up to 10 tracks available,
they also gives events and etc.
its also offline so you dont have to worry,
but i don't think you will get back your data if you delete this accidentally so before you go offline always cloud save first but I don't know if it works because i haven't tried it

_(:3 」∠ )_

if you like C A T S download this

almost everything is good except one thing, auto battling has no speed up like the other game (or i just forgot about it cuz it been 1 year)

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