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the most unluckiest person you'll met.
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the most unluckiest person you'll met.
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The Tale of Food | Global


as someone who plays food fantasy in the past, this game is someWHAT better than FF. At least in my humble, lowly opinion.
personified food is cool for me, and while some design can be a different than its supposed food reference, its still a good design nonetheless.
battle are lackluster, at least for me. can require strategic tactics and thinking, but sometimes you could just spam strong attacks.
and sorry, im not a fan of the english VA... i prefer japan/chinese VA, but im usually fine with eng too. But this one.. i supposed it just doesnt tickle my fancy, haha
overall, its an okay game. can be fun, but i think this is the game i log in and play like half an hour max every now and then
the boys are HOT though. also, Hargow best shota

i quit the game, but the new exqoosive made me try the game again. lets see how it goes this time!

Memento Mori


people will flame me for this, but this game is EXACTLY like destiny girl. main difference is of course, the gorgeous graphics and the amazing soundtrack. not gonna lie, the art and music is the only thing that keeps me going to this game.
gameplay wise, is auto battle and the girls will do everything for you, no strategy (maybe some unit planning) and just level them up higher for each stage. afk farming is okay i suppose, like idle on destiny girl.
the trials (adventure cough) has almost everythinf in destiny girl as well. the cave space time (lost garden), the infinite tower, the dispatch system, and many more.
gacha is okay, the game gives you many crystal and gacha cost 3000 for 10 pulls. the girls had okay skill (some are kinda useless though)
of course this is just my opinion and since i play destiny girl for so long. if you dont play that game, maybe this game is enjoyable for you.
and i do expect huge updates like destiny girl did and make the game more enjoyable with new features and such. i dont think ui change are neccesary because the game is already gorgeous
all in all, you can play and try the game. again, music is MASTERPIECE

Ive been playing this game for half a year. Im going to give my honest opinion.

Graphics, honestly, its pretty good. the girls live2d is SO SO good, the rigging is beautiful as well.
Sound is okay, though it does get annoying after a while

The gameplay is eh. You fight other girls, monster, proceed. Arena is lackluster, super arena is basically just "get to the highest rank and farm the automatic special coins". Crystal war i never really participated in, so couldnt give review of that. Guild is also ehh.

Oddly enough, the game is generous on giving you crystal. Theres too much different type of currencies though, i got bored collecting them halfway.

You get the girls easily as well. You star them up, equip with weapon thats already enchanted, and youre good to go. sometimes.

Some girls like SSR girls are weak compared to the newer one. The newer the girl, the more gimicky and tends to be overpowered. There are still some good old ones like Hua Tuo (i forgor her name i keep mistaking it with Hu Tao 💀) which is probably the best healer, and Octavius which does insane amount of damage.

Yeah, the power curve between the newer and old girls are big. And you might never use 70% of the SSR you got, since they're useless (dare i say on par with SR cards)

If you ACTUALLY spent time on increasing the girl's bonding, you could actually unlock their stories. The bond on the Shrine menu is not just for boost, but theres a story for them too. My favourite is still Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu relationship. Its just the way they tell the story is so vague, and also hard sometimes. You could farm the bond material on lost garden, and it does gets repetitive.

Again, their stories are an interesting read. I still wonder why dev doesnt try to make a more effort storyline. Maybe if you piece everything together you could make an almost full timeline, but im lazy.

If the dev fully put effort and flesh out the game, i think this game could be a solid one. But for now, ii nly spent like 10 minutes max on this game everyday.

Is it worth spending money? Absolutely not.

Tsuki's Odyssey


i played tsuki's adventure before, and seeing like a sorta remastered version of this game is great. the first game is wholesome enough, but this game now add a lot of new features and actually felt more alive and lovely. all the characters (even new one) has great personality and theyre all fun to talk too. just chilling out and earning carrots ti get more furniture, simple premise but its still a great game. and if you leave tsuki alone for a while, who knows what surprise he'll give for you?



amazing rhythm game. actually challenging, tons of fun songs (even touhou songs! now instant fav) the hitsouund is a bit weird since it plays on time with the song despite tapping either too early or too late. theres a lot of tricks to make the game a bit easier, but its still challenging despite that. which is why i love the game!



an actually casual rhythm game. does remind me of phygros and other piano-like style, but this one is pretty cool. instead of lines touchin judgment line, its touching the edge or circle. the circle can move around or even disappear, but its still forgiving enough and let you still see the judgement line. characters are cool, sfx, visual, gameplay, everything is great so far
fun game, would reccomend.



game is interesting, rhyrhm game and shooting. was quickly realized that thhe voice actor is nanahira for melody
you can lower the sound volume is you hate the high pitch sound, but overall the game itself is pretty fun.



its like many other rhythm game. piano like, click to the beat, and a little storyline which is just playing more songs. the songs are limited as i need to purchase with ingame currency (that are hard to get). nothing interesting, really. Its just a game youll probably play in free time. also it doesnt drain my battery a lot and i was pretty surprised.
also beware if you rely on hitsounds, as this game doesnt have one

easily my favourite new rhythm game. i usually despise gacha system but this game gives you an ok starter gift and despite not having good gacha luck, i still have fun! i dont really know japanese well, so i couldnt really tell if the storyline is good or not..
the characters are cute, the song choices are amazing too. Even the original songs gets me hyped up in the middle of the gameplay.
i like how you can uh.. stroke the disc thing too, and i also like how it makes the note holds. theres also another button below the judgement line (its like hold notes 2.0) and it changes the song and similar to like sound voltex
overall, i think its a great rhythm game!

Cute cat clicker game. its pretty silly how you collect your cat's fur and build a lot of craft with it. The diaries are heartwarming, the gameplay is good and cute.

Hamster Village


really, its just ok
the hamster is cute, graphics are nice and the music and sound is good. this game is very simple, collect more hamster, get money to buy more place (cafe, spa, etc), upgrade hamster/place to earn more coins, and thats it. it can get boring so this is the kind of game you'll prolly forgot existed on your phone

Catopia: Merge


i think its a pretty cute game. the concept is simple, merge cats, upgrades, etc. its also very addictive. the cats are cute and i like how you can care for your cats too. thats really it about this game

its pretty good puzzle game
the premise is basically spot the difference but 3d (zoom in or out, swipe left or right to view different perspective, etc), which is pretty unique.
graphics are lovely and i like all the island design
im not good at spot the difference but this is a good relaxing puzzle game to play on free time.

Rakugaki Kingdom


my horribly designed monster that looks like its in pain will beat this game

Eyes : Nonogram


its a very good nonogram
its good for starters, im actually already hooked up with this game. the nonograms pictures are wonderful and really beautiful, the characters and graphics are very smooth. sound effects are soothing and reslly makes you relaxed.
the storyline is okay, i dint expect this game to have one, but its pretty nice. theres level mode and story mode, which is fun if youre bored playing in the same mode for a while (maybe for me)
for starters, this is a great nonogram game.

by far the best touhou game! most touhou games are ok, but this one have more variable in character, stages, and even difficulty. fun game to play on for hours or just casually, really reccomended! (no storyline or dialogues, you need to memorize it yourself w)

why is this a game
other than that, this is actually a very good messaging app, lots of features such as fun bots, servers, emotes, groups, etc.
plus its easy to register account without verifying like 7 steps before actually have access to use the app and you can meet many friends

Guitar Girl


very nice! i like it! the songs are AMAZING! im a fan of relaxing songs, tho i dont prefer guitar, but this has a special vibe to it that i cant stop listening to the songs. (my fav is probably scenery outside the window) the storyline is a bit random for me (sudden sadness because of little problem.. maybe because i dont understand the feeling) tapping can be rough at first but then you unlock characters to support you and auto tap and stuff.
i really reccomend! (although im stuck trying to unlock band mocha latte despite already unlocking jessica!)

its.. ok
i like the pixel and retro style look, the storyline is funny and all. its also very hard too, it adds challenge to the gameplay. you unlock some abilities as you progress and thats about it

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Questioks regarding of SEA I heard that SEA server is not available. I played PJSekai before in both Global and Japanese, but I lost my account lul.
I'm just wondering, when will SEA server be opened? I'm lazy to join back on the current server, but I want to get into PJSekai again. I'm SEA person myself. Thank you!
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