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Anime fans and mobile gamer
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Anime fans and mobile gamer
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Kemono Friends:Kingdom



Hamster Valley


hahaha, not sure what's happening. initially thought is smartphone issue.. however did some test... it's come with anti screen record. the game experience not that good while screen record.

can watch the glitches video here xD.

you might find it laggy. but it's worth to wait and enjoy interact with the servants.

let's watch the video here:

BrownDust Story


1.36gb data to be downloaded .. play in WIFi env to save your data.

let's watch the video here:



Journey begin with picking up cans that worth 50$. and aim for 10000$.

let's watch the video here:

-Big filesize, time taken to clear a stage (first time).
-Great animations skill

However, If you are real fan of fullmetal alchemist it won't be an issue at all.

let's watch the video here.

Touhou Arcadia Record


Showoff your ART of gacha, and 3* star character might join you :).

lets watch below video here:

ALICE Fiction


interesting battle system, hooked with this game [開心].

let's watch below the video:

Life Makeover | SG & MY


What's your favorite costume?

let's watch the video here of my favorited:

#COMPASS Live Arena


Exercise your finger and follow the rhythm to complete the song.

let's watch the video here:

Framed by the Yakuza


let's watch the video here:

Dou you like visual novel?

this might work for you.

lets watch the video here:

Princess Fantasia


Hold your sword and slay the globin!!

let's watch the video here:

Swipe swipe ◀️, swipe swipe ⬆️. that how you became a Ninja 😜.

let's Watch the video here :

Dislyte | Global


Hey there, I'm fans of Dislyte. Are you?

Do drop by my channel here:

Reroll ticket available, dont miss out to roll for your preferred character
let's watch the video here:

good visual novel. impressed with the graphics.

lets watch the video hete:

Mud Ball Making


love it if you like to exercise your finger 🤘
lets watch the video here:

Reroll ticket available for startup.

cant skip animation during gacha for each card drew (regarless rarity), might be annoyed 😂

lets watch the video here:

Eternal Tree | Japanese


Fall in love with this game.

-Stunning skill animation
-Reroll ticket feature
-many free gift to boost game experience

lets watch the video here:

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