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There is nothing in here
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There is nothing in here
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Alto's Adventure


its really relaxing [開心][開心]

Tales of Quests


very good gameplay, and good storyline

im just gonna add 5 star since discord is not a game but there is a bot game that you can play in there and not only one but there is alot and i like the most is waifugami or bot that collect some card, and there is a good comunity but not all comunity are good since there is always the toxic but in my experience i have only found a little person that toxic too much.

Magatsu Wahrheit | Global


the game are good but its very hard for a new player since you need to work hard to get a good equipment and to enchant the equipment so you will need to grind a lot of material and sometimes its too hard to get the material but i like the story most its very good but maybe some of you will not like it.


SINoALICE | Global


the story and the bgm of this game are the best

Clash Royale | Global



Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


[開心][開心] very good and competitive

nice game with a great song but its too hard for me

Pokemon Unite


very nice but the team sometime useless



its very good with a nice comunity but not all comunity are nice

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broo haven't play for a months and idk why its become sooo easy Read Note
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