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Bandori fans
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Bandori fans
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i really likes this game with all the Miku stuff. One of my favourite game honestly, SERIOUSLYY every weebs know Miku!![不滿]
(I download qooapp just for playing this game lolol)

Im just playing this game a months ago but i already liked it!! I really dont have reasons to delete the game.
Also the storyline was so cool[開心]!!
(If youre an arcaea player, this game maybe was too easy for you)

Edit: Free waifus here( ^ω^)

YES bandori japan is better than eng but... sometimes when you dont live in japan you cant make any payment and thats a matter. Anyways i really likes this game since i download it[委屈]..



I really likes this game!!! They don't have any "paid" things. You can just collect data and buy songs with them[開心][開心]

Cytus II


cool rhythm game with cool graphic, sounds, and storyline, it's worth lol...



It's really fun rhythm game, and free to download! I've been playing this game for a year and never get bored!

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life is pain
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