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broke in crystals :(
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broke in crystals :(
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One of the best rhythm game i've ever played plus there's vocaloid, been a fan of vocaloid since 2018 so seeing them get a live 2D is very awesome! I love the songs they covered, i love so many vocaloid songs and i want them in the game lmao

though i left a game around november because i lost my account. But now im back yay! Overall this is a very nice game, very good voice actors, very good storylines! I got no complains abt gacha except it's getting hard to reroll for a certain chara...

also stan rui and touya[開心][開心]

This game is super excellent, i love it, it was worth downloading it, the only thing i was dissapointed about is the drop rates and also the healing of these stupid boss.

Lost Kiss


There's not much things you can play in this game. The way you can get gems is Logging In everyday, and doing Beginners Mission or Normal Missions.

So far you can only read stories, dress up and compete with players (by dressing up and get points) also getting gems IS HARD. The 10-pull is 3,000 gems and 1-pull is 300 and the missions give like, 10 or 30 gems. So like the whole point of this game is just reading the story.

and you also need a story ticket to unlock stories of ur favorite boi, This is not like BSD tales that gives 5 stones in every battle. This is more hellish than that, the missions is like "Unlock Chapter 2" and gives you 10 gems on the mission. It's like the A3's newbie mission and finish it to get SR Sakuya or New Commander's Mission to get 50 (final) rubies in Helios Rising.

I was so excited abt this game, and it's just dissapointing. I thought it would be good because it's created by Ambition, but welp

also the data download is 607 MB

Helios Rising Heroes


a tip for you in this game: Patience. If you have patience then you can play this game and the events smoothly. I'm an f2p player and it was really hard but it was okay since i'm able to finish events without problems. But getting rubies is hard asf, but overall a great game, would play everyday.

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