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brrr low storage so I don't play much anymore
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brrr low storage so I don't play much anymore
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Genshin Impact


Obviously there will always be bug or downsides, such as how much it eats your mobile battery, how one platform has more perks etc, but overall it's such a fantastic game. The soundtracks are tweaked to perfection, the characters all have amazing design even if the concept is cliché. The story, although progressing painfully slow, is amazing when you get down to it. Every little thing connects perfectly yet somehow still leaves you with questions to ask. I highly recommend you at least give it a shot, but be warned the size of the game is HUGE.

Updated thoughts:
It's a cute game. The songs are really nice, however unless you have god tier internet support the 3D option will lag majority costing you points. The game also randomly freezes and often does not load. This maybe simply be because I have no wifi support.

I finally got this and might I say it's fantastic.
Obviously it is all in Japanese, but it's nothing a quick Google translated screenshot can't fix. It really helped me figure out certain settings.
As for the game, it's definitely a different kind of rhythm game. It's very fun and challenging with the turn table-esk mechanics. The songs are amazing, and there's plenty of parts/difficulties to try so you won't be getting bored anytime soon.
If anything negative occurs I'll be updating this.

Recent loading problems!! ↷

The songs are obviously amazing, the gameplay has plenty of levels to play and complete. The cards are amazing, so beautifully illustrated. The gems add up after awhile, but gachas are something you need to choose carefully. I love how the recently added the job option, it was a surprise to me after a few months of not playing.

I absolutely love it. I'm obsessed yet not overly obsessed. The characters are all beautifully designed and each fit the liking to a majority of any fan. It's honestly quite hard to pick a favorite character sometimes as well. The gameplay is a bit tedious at times, but there is an automatic way to do things so that helps. Storyline is very heartwarming and very interesting. There are plenty of, "No! what!?" moments to keep you on your toes as well. The support team is very friendly, and is never hesitant to help you with any in game issues.

Food Fantasy | English


Editing this to give a legit review: ↴

There are tons of adorable (and spicy mm) personified foods to enjoy. You are able to level them up, and as cheesy and cliché as it sounds, watch them grow too. They evolve and grow fonder of you over time depending on how you treat them. The storyline is...not the greatest in the sense of grammatical/translation errors, focal points, and more. It's also very tedious and sometimes difficult to progress further into the story. Thankfully there are many ways to pass time and still enjoy the game as a whole. There are events, missions, and even side stories for you to mess around and attempt. There are still many new things to explore even for veteran players as new characters and events periodically swing by.

Non-personal Cons ༄ ‧₊˚
• This game is HEAVILY reliant on in-game purchases.
Many events and items are nearly impossible to get without some time of help from your wallet. Now that isn't to say you still can't participate and most, and still function as a free to play player, but be warned.
• Sadly some characters are only available through co-op, making it a bit more difficult to complete your "fooddex" (get it? like a pokédex?)
• You CANNOT level up your food souls past your actual character/profile level. This is EXTREMELY inconvenient for new players as you basically have to level them up as you level up yourself (which is already a bother to begin with).

Obey Me! Shall we date?


The game is pretty fun. The characters and story are very interesting, and the fact the creators are so sweet is a bonus. We begged and joked about an anime and they actually are making us one. What more could you want?

Hopefully they make the english version in the upcoming years.
It's very cute and well designed.
The mini lessons have auto so it's fun to just watch it work for you while you fangirl over chibis of your favorite characters.
꒰Story does require you to level up꒱◞ ̑̑
↷ Note: Even if you do correctly play the rhythm games, I've found it still has moments where it does not register your clicks.

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