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kim dokja, their dearest readers.
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kim dokja, their dearest readers.
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i rate it full since i cannot even play it, only ask for pict & storage perms and the screen still blank/black, i wish i could play it..

why are we still here? just to suffer.

one of my favorite game now. my heart really hurts after got 1 ending (because i didn't want to let them go & i forgot to check the friendship level), i finally had a will to download this game, i think i already add to wishlist on google play since a long ago, but i download it here because in gplay the download was error or smth, okay to the game.. this game is interesting, the storyline are awesome, every chapter made my hearts break and fell in love with this game and eugene, didn't really take up space, and could play offline, but you should prepare your wallets because the ticket was really cheap and maybe making you tempted heh, i like all the character especially every moments with them, i got the ending of "The Underworld Office's Worker" (the 1st ending i got), the gameplay are easy, it's fun and didn't making you bored, perfect to play when you doesn't had wifi connections or filling your free times to making you not bored, the art are really good, i really like their design! i hope i could get more titles & ending too, how much ticket you've needed? almost 1k ig? so good luck with yall who wants to play haha [厲害]

Obey Me! Shall we date?


love-hate relationship with the characters here lol, play it if you wanted to know lol [厲害]

size about 1-2gb (if you often update without uninstalling it again maybe it's more than that)
often lags & crash because your phone/device must be 34bit atleast,
the storyline it's pretty neat,
the characters are cute,
luck on gacha? mine was sucks, but crystal for gacha to get new cookies are easy to obtain,
it's pretty hard to get rainbow cube unless you buy from milleage thingy (it's pretty expensive if i must say)
what does rainbow cube does?
yes, the same as cookie run : ovenbreak, it was for costume,
the gameplay are easy, you could just level up the cookie
and use auto play lol,
but, star jellies.
it's easy to obtain but if you alrd in high level 1k it doesn't do much, even for +1 more level,
you could use magic powder & cookies toppings,
magic powder could obtained from daily bounty,
i forgot which day but there's a chance you get many mgc powder in that day,
the voice are amazing, except...
if i could say i didn't really like the sound of moon rabbit cookie on english lol, but it was just my opinion.
so, yea, i rarely play so i have tons of stamina jellies, it's about 1.5k lol, not really much but it's usefull to send balloon expidition to get more cookie toppings
gosh, i think i'm writing a whole essay,
okay, that's all i guess, you could check my profile to play crk without downloading the game, but you'll need the luck, sometime i takedown the tuts lol [不滿]

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i like cars vroom vroom #ShareLockScreen  Read Note
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