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Out here in the gamefield
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Out here in the gamefield
Game Comments (2)

- Gacha system is up to your fortune but it's not an unfair one, you get a lot of rolls as a F2P to add to that.

- Gameplay is surprisingly alluring even when just going on automode to do your missions.

- Plenty of stuff to keep you active whether it's Leviathan Abyssing, invading everything or grinding units (PVP if you're into that but it's not really a thing people focus on)

- Resources are fairly easy to obtain, and have good drop amount. Depending on your units rarity will judge how much resources you'll be investing to upgrade (Especially in Reform), lower tier being more resource saving so I absolutely recommend selecting your SSR's carefully and know what you'll use and invest in to avoid depleting resources

- You can play the game with almost any unit provided you aren't just slapping randoms on which I find really neat, considering my team consists of 2 SSR's 2 SR's and 1 R

- The biggest thing that got me hooked to 黑潮 : 深海覺醒 was you can turn your ships into Abyssals (Ghosts) a design I absolutely love, so you sold me on that alone

I would absolutely recommend this game to try if you're willing to work through the language barrier (If you aren't able to read it. Game is easy to know what's what and where's where anyway so you won't get lost. Also a Discord community to help you out).

(  ̄ 3 ̄)y▂ξ

Something fresh in the Phone/Tablet section for the Phantasy Star franchise.
- You've got yourself a story that isn't an eyesore
- Unique characters with voice acting in and out of the story
- An enjoyable gameplay and fighting system
- Whamming music
- Constant rewards/freebies and events leaving you not encouraged hand over your wallet
- You've got an endgame
- There is Gerda

And now it's getting an English release for those who didn't/can't experience the original version.

Go play it

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