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forever in gacha hell
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forever in gacha hell
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Obey Me! Shall we date?


playing this game is one of the proof that maybe I'm love deprived🕴️anyway it's a really nice game 11/10 if you love otome games DEFINITELY TRY THIS![開心]

I can't express how much I appreciate this game I'm really good at procrastinating but this game somehow made me productive it helps me to relax. I use this everytime I do school works the timer feature is really helpful (feels like heaven studying with an ikemen( ^ω^)) and my favorite feature of this is the music one the music box and piano sounds is so relaxing. I feel no rush playing this and that's what I like. Imagine being greeted and being motivated by your pretty butler with his beautiful voice couldn't be more better! I'm also interested in the story I think it's really interesting I use screen translation so I kinda understand what's goin on. My months of waiting was worth it I hope the game will continue to improve and be successful!

Anyway this game is not for everyone I know you might say it's boring but I understand. I like the game it's just raising your swords, do battles, do events and stuff like that. The artstyle is so good like it's so pretty believe me the designs of every character is just so pretty and the music is superb it's so pleasing to the ears. And also their voices is so good!!! good voice actors are here your fave VA might be here too you know but sadly there's no storyline I am actually interested. Overall if you love raising game you might enjoy this tho the gacha is so painful.

I really like touken ranbu so it's always 5 ratings for me.

Wind Boys!


Finally it's here I've been waiting for months and after playing for a while I can say that it's pretty good. The game mechanic is like A3! just watch the boys and get the materials I don't have a problem with it tho since that's how raising game usually work. The story, I don't understand Japanese fully but I really think it's interesting also the story is fully voice and the boys are so adorable it's fun to listen to them. The art is so nice and clean it's so pretty I really like the art style
(*˘︶˘*).。*♡ and about the gacha I think it's decent idk yet if they have pity system but you will get 2 SSR in free rolls and I also got another SSR when I try to pull again so I don't think it's bad. For leveling up cards it's just like how you level up cards in Enstar. It's mostly focus on the story and the boys so if you're wanting more of it you might get bored. That's what I can say for now for a newly released game it's good I hope for this game to continue to improve and popular we might get english version in the future.

Laurier is already enough for me to faint these catboys made me flustered than in real life lmaoooo

Yumeno Gentaro stomped on me and shoved book through my throat until I hail his "osu desu yo"

Genshin Impact


I must say this is the best game I've played so far in mobile the game is just balance. It features an engrossing story that follows a diverse characters as they journey through the world of Teyvat .Graphics is good I like it! Music is also very good it's so relaxing and I like the gameplay too tho for me building a character is kinda hard since the artifacts RNG of this game kinda sucks like for real the RNG has no mercy or maybe I'm just unlucky
( ꈨຶ ˙̫̮ ꈨຶ )

About the gacha rates yeah it's pretty low 0.6% lmao I saw many people complain about their rates I can't blame them tho but for me this is still decent because of the pity system of this game you'll get a 5* once you hit 75 or 90 so you can still get a 5*ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ well in my case I get 5* and I don't pay so I can say its F2P friendly ehe༼ᕗຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ

I'll recommend everyone to play this but beware this game actually ruined me lol it's all fun and all at first until genshin turns into a grinding fest.✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧
If you're planning to play take it slow like the game is fun especially if there are events but it can be pretty boring too once you finished all the quest especially if there is no events to do so don't rush[憋屈]

[發困]keep it mind the game takes so much GB! Currently its 9.09GB to me (I downloaded JP DUB which is 1.15GB)

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I just visit their official website and look at the characters they're pretty interesting I can't wait my favorite is Neon btw. Read Note
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