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Obey Me! Shall we date?


My friend recommended me this game, and now I more addicted than her XD and she almost hit me cuz I get Belphie SSR card during 10roll in Nightmare.

At first I though it will be a common otome game since Shall We Date series are all like this, but surprisingly it is not. The storyline is very intersting and not much of harem element, and it suit my taste.

For the characters, the seven demons brother, each of them their personalities is very obvious as their name. My favourite boy is Satan, Beel and Belphie! Mammon is stupidly cute and I like him XD

Gameplay just as other stated, is just the chibi demons brother dance compete with NPC and the fastest team who fill up the tube win. Is not so boring because if you lost attention you might lose even the team is strong.

For gacha, a.k.a Nightmare in the game, the rate of UR is really low but guarantee SSR per 10roll. For me is just nevermind since I’m not the type who want to collect all the card person. I’m happy with just get my fav boy card.

Overall this game is good and I willing to spend more time to play this game. Just hoping they can hold more event.


Is a game that suits for bored, but most of the characters need to summon and is to unfriendly for player that not buying gems.

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