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Clash Of Sky丨English


ok i guess

nothing really special in my opnion

Heaven Burns Red


this game have good graphic character and art looks good too especially the music its so good

Super Auto Pets


a good game to play when u bored and just want to chill

Azur Lane | English


i like this game graphic waifu and skins even tho it cost me quite a lot but ok anything for waifu



for you guys who want to feel having idol in front of u

LINE Let's Get Rich


kindda pay to win game but ok i guess

COUNTER: SIDE | Japanese


This Game Is A Really Good Game And To Get SSR Its Depends On Ur Luck You Can Got It In First Pull Which Is Really Good For F2P Give It A Try For This Game And The Story Its Kindda Dark. If You Wanna Play On Mobile Download The App From Here And Then Use VPN Japan When Download The Data To Bypass The Region Lock

Toram Online


A Good MMORPG not sucks like other mmo this game is the mmo that most ppl gonna like

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!


good song good gamplay graphic but the ads annoying thats all i can say for this game xD

fun clicker game its interesting to see the evolution i love it

game for people who doesnt have girlfriend but want a girlfriend sad life man

i like the graphic gameplay story and all but sadly this game gonna be closed hope i can play it again

i love this game so much the lobby the gacha the song man the song is just so good. union is my fav song in this game overall good game

GrandChase | Global


i love the story gameplay and pvp gacha also didnt really bad overall good game hope they improve graphic more in the future

Blue Archive | Japanese


i like the story i learn japanese cause this game cause i want to know the story the waifu is cute u can have animated lobby too i like it



i like the game the story has waifu and husbando to choose F2P gacha friendly you can one tap awk unit good game

Good For FPS game the gacha is F2P friendly have many event so you can get skins easily good FPS game like it

Muse Dash


i like this game the mecahnic different from other rythm game so its so refreshing to play new game like this

after you finished story and other i got kindda bored to the game i think the game isnt for me but for someone loves MMORPG this game might be good

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