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I play gachas.
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I play gachas.
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Touhou LostWord | Global


The gameplay is relatively normal turn-based stuff, the art looks fine, not my style but not bad, and no problems with the soundtrack, SFX, or voice acting. The gacha is fine. The most glaring flaw of the game is the lack of any social features. At all. Unless you're really into Touhou, there's not really any reason to try Lost Word over any other gacha.

Epic Seven | Global


Overall not a bad game, but didn't feel particularly unique. Animations and art look great and nothing to complain about with the sound. Didn't get far in the story or spend much time with the gacha, so I have no comment on them.

NieR Re[in]carnation is, as everyone expected, a story heavy game. I haven't gotten for enough to comment on it, but the game is fully voiced and very beautiful. If you liked Automata, there's currently a collab banner with A2, 9S, and 2B, so that alone might be incentive enough for you. The gacha rates are average, nothing bad but nothing to write home about.

The gameplay is where it clearly suffers. It plays out like a regular old turn-based RPG. It's a bit slow, and the animations are often lackluster, even with the stellar character designs of the NieR franchise. Between fights, the game is a walking sim. The environments are nice, but they get repetitive fairly quickly. Overall, not a lot to say. If you're interested in the NieR franchise, it's worth a shot. Otherwise, you aren't missing much.

Illusion Connect is a tactical RPG with good art, good sound, but a fairly generic story and characters. I played it for about a week back at launch, and since then it has only gained more problems. The devs have clearly favored certain servers when it comes to rewards, for one, and the gameplay can feel a bit clunky at times. The art is nice, but overall there's not much draw to the game for me besides it's great quality of life. Might be worth a shot as a casual or side game.

Priconne is not a game with an in-depth gameplay experience for you to sink your teeth into. It is, however, a highly polished, casual waifu collector with a good story, visuals, and voice acting. The story is fully voiced with many animated cutscenes, and the characters are likeable, albeit often a bit generic in both design and personality. The rates are okay, not anything to write home about, and the game is fairly generous with premium currency.

The main problems come with the gameplay itself. There is little. You construct your team, send them into a stage, and watch. Your only input is when to use your characters' Union Burst (ultimate ability). I'm all for a nice, casual side game to pick up for a few minutes, but after just a few days, it became a chore to log on. I'd rather spend those few minutes playing a game than watching my same 5 characters auto through the same background against the same enemies for the 50th time. You can sweep stages, but the game uses a ticket system to do so, meaning you can only sweep stages a few times before you have to sit through staring at your characters autoing through it for a few minutes. This also wouldn't be a major issue if the game wasn't so grindy, as you have to repeat stages for individual shards of individual pieces of equipment to rank up your characters so that you can grind for another set of equipment that takes more shards to get. Neither of these would at all be an issue had the other not existed; a grind isn't a problem when the core gameplay loop is enjoyable amd engaging, but Priconne's just isn't, so why is there a system to make the daily grind longer? Even without the ticket system, stamina still restricts what you can do in a single day, so people wouldn't just breeze through everything either way.

The PVP is okay, it also wasn't very engaging or interesting but I wouldn't count that against Priconne specifically.

All of this being said, the game is still worth giving a try as a casual or side game if you're interested in the story or characters, but I personally don't find either incredibly compelling, at least not enough to invest much more into the game.

Blue Archive | Japanese


Gameplay is simple but not boring or repetitive, graphics are very nice and clean, soundtrack is upbeat but a bit repetititive, and sound effects are polished and nice. Voice acting is great. The gacha rates aren't anything to write home about, but it uses a Priconne-esque shard system so pulling duplicates of a specific character isn't important. Characters designs and art are great. Storyline is okay. Got called a hobo so that was cool. Good casual or side game.

Despite the low score, I don't think this is a terrible game, just a very generic one. The character designs were okay, none of theme really appealed to me, and I was not a fan of the art. The UI was extremely dated, but not the worst designed I've seen. My time with the game was extremely limited, so I don't believe I got far enough to comment on the story or end-game, but from my short experience the story was bland and the grind seemed very real. It's a fairly basic RPG, didn't change the formula much as far as I could tell. Rates seemed okay, but with generic gameplay and poor art/designs (IMO) that didn't really matter to me. Overall, it's not terrible, but there's really no reason to play it.

Shining Beyond


Would have been a pretty decent game years ago (~2015ish?), but fails to meet modern standards. The game has a multitude of problems, and when it does show its good side, its still a medicore game at best.

First off, the graphics. The artwork and character designs are great, maybe not the best but certainly above average IMO. The transfer of those designs to 3D models, however, is less than seamless. Potato faces aside, many characters have models that just look... off, and certain textures seem to be much lower resolution than others for some reason. Changing settings doesn't fix this either, it's a choice between everything being low res and poorly modelled, or some things being high res and everything else being low res and poorly modelled.

In a similar vein is the UI. Similarly, no matter the settings, it appears fairly low resolution. Not the worst problem to have, but it's certainly noticable. Of course, this would all be fine if it was designed well and was simple to navigate, but it's not. Everything is needlessly buried in menu after menu, and you'll often find yourself going through upwards of 10 menus just to do one simple task so that you can progress through the actual game, and then you'll have to go back through multiple menus to get back to where you wanted to be in the first place.

Now, once you're finally done with the mess of menus, you get to the sweet sweet gameplay. Or rather, the somewhat bitter gameplay. It's a top-down action(?) RPG type game, or at least that's the best way I can think to describe it. It plays more like a turn-based RPG, however, as you'll mostly select a target and what skills to use in what order. Skill queueing is nice and works well enough. You can move around the arena as you choose, but it's rather slow and clunky. PvE runs smooth enough on all the highest settings, between mobile and Bluestacks I experienced an occassional stutter but it was nothing too drastic. PvP, however, is where the problems began. It ran fairly well with everything on the lowest settings between both of my devices (Galaxy S9 and Bluestacks on a mid end PC), but on higher settings certain moments may as well have been slideshows. Again, it would be understandable if high settings looked at all decent, but they don't. The PvP itself seemed okay I guess, it's not something I personally seek out in gachas but, during my admittedly limited experience, it felt like a bit of an afterthought to me. This is probably not the game for you if you're looking for a solid PvP experience.

Now, onto the gacha itself. It's good. SSR rate is 5% and SR rate is something like 35%. Rewards seem fairly plentiful enough after the welfare period, and while the game uses a shard system, you don't need to whale to max out characters if you have patience. The bigger question is whether or not you should bother sticking with the game that long, which I don't see myself doing. There's a good amount of cosmetics, but given how awful the 3D models are I don't think they're worth spending cash on at all. The game is also filled to bursting with premium passes and daily/weekly/monthly purchases, much more than average.

The story and characters are painfully dull and generic, even by gacha standards.

The daily grind doesn't seem incredibly demanding, but with such dull gameplay it drags on. If you like turn-based RPGs, almost any other turn-based gacha will probably fulfill your needs much better than this game. If you like action RPG gachas, maybe look into Mihoyo games. This game will certianly not meet your needs.

The TL;DR is that this game isn't for anyone. It's not good at anything aside from it's more generous gacha, but with dull gameplay to use your characters in and the distractingly terrible models it doesn't really matter. Would not recommend, one of the worse gachas on the market IMO.

Exos Heroes


My time with this game was short. Incredibly short. It's another gacha turn based RPG. From my time with the game, it doesn't do much, if anything, to change the formula.

My main draw to the game was the graphics. In-game, they were fine. Not the best 3D graphics I've seen in a gacha, or any mobile game for that matter, but not bad by any means. The character designs were all fine. Skins looked alright. From what I saw, the characters themselves were fine. Fairly generic gacha characters to be expected at this point.

I've heard mixed reviews of the gacha itself. I don't believe I played long enough to go in-depth on it, but they seemed alright. Not the best, not the worst.

Overall, a pretty mediocre game. Maybe if you really enjoy the genre and the art style, this game is for you. IMO, it's very mediocre.

Arknights | English


I've never been crazy about tower defense, usually it gets pretty repetitive, but Arknights changes a lot of that. It has a surprising amount of depth, a lot more than I thought.

On top of that, it's a Yostar game, so of course the rewards are plentiful. If you really want something, you can probably get it. The character designs and artwork are fantastic, some of the best I've seen, although a lot of the characters themselves are often a bit generic. To be expected in most gachas.

I slept on this game for awhile, mainly because of the tower defense aspect, and had it not been for Genshin Impact and Illusion Connect launching I probably would've kept playing. Fortunately, you don't have to make the same mistake I did, because both of those games are pretty mediocre in their current state. If it looks even mildly interesting to you, try Arknights.

Azur Lane | English


It's a Yostar game, so of course it's extremely generous with it's rewards- I just wish there was something to use those rewards for.

It's a bullet hell, still more interesting than a lot of the trash turn based RPGs that keep getting churned out, but it isn't extremely well executed IMO. Felt a bit clunky from my (admittedly very limited) experience of a few weeks and got incredibly repetitive very quickly.

What this game does have, however, is copuious amounts of fanservice. Surprisingly high quality fanservice too. Every loading screen, (almost) every character and skin is practically begging R34 artists to get to work. If you're into that, by all means go ham. Personally, it didn't make up for the lack of gameplay but to each their own.

Overall, a pretty mediocre game at the end of the day. The main attraction is the art and generous rewards, so if that sounds attractive to you then give it a shot.

Admittedly, I didn't put much time into the game. I played daily for a couple months as a F2P awhile ago and then dropped it. Recently tried to get back into it, and not much has changed (to be expected). There's definitely fun to be had in optimizing echelons/equipment/clearing stages but to me, it got repetitive quickly.

The characters have a few standout designs, but overall I'd say they're pretty standard for gachas in both design and personality. I never got particularly invested in the story, and started skipping it after the first few days. From what I saw in the beginning, it was fairly bland although I have no comment on later stages.

Overall, it's more interesting than a lot of the trash turn based RPGs getting churned out, but wasn't for me personally. Didn't stand out in many regards IMO.

The rates in this game are pretty bad, anyone will tell you that. The game uses a shard system, and getting the correct weapons and stigmatas alongside the character you want is usually damn near impossible, even with the pity system. Fortunately, they release one broken unit per year that you can basically rely on until the next on releases called Herrschers, so if you wanna stay low budget there's an option there.

The combat is extremely satisfying, one of the most in-depth combat systems in any gacha, and because of that and and the variation in gameplay throughout dailies, it has one of the most enjoyable end game grinds I've ever experienced.

Before you get to that point, you have to go through the story. Overall, it's pretty alright. Better characters than a lot of gachas, but the overarching story is just alright. If I had one major complaint about the Story Mode, it's that you need to use preset characters in later stages, not the ones you've spent all your time/money/resources collecting. Soundtrack/SFX/BGM is serviceable, nothing to complain about. Plenty of story to grind through w/ 3 difficulties.

The stamina system isn't too restrictive IMO, and tons of events w/ varied gameplay/stories and rewards. There's also plenty of great cosmetics if you're into that, although they're on the pricier side of skins that I've seen in gachas. They also ocassionally put them into their own gachas, which is a bit annoying even if it only takes 10 (very expensive) pulls to get.

Overall, well worth your time. It's a PVE game, although you compete for high scores against other players in certain modes. All of my complaints aside, the sheer enjoyment in the core gameplay loop makes this game worth playing in my eyes.

Genshin Impact


I'll try to break this down into parts since Genshin's one of my most played gachas and I have a lot of thoughts about it.

First off, the graphics are probably the first thing you notice and easily the strongest point of the game. The world is stunning, the character designs are great (as are most of the characters themselves), there's fully voiced, fully animated cutscenes (most of which are unskippable) and the animations mostly look great. Genshin is easily one of the best looking gachas I've ever seen.

The music is, by gacha standards, great. There's some really beautiful tracks on the soundtrack, but once the music stops you really won't be thinking about it besides a few stand-out tracks. The voice acting is great, though it can be pretty hit or miss depending on the language you select, and the sound effects are good.

The core ARPG gameplay loop is amazing. Until you have to go through it a million times. There is no sweeping or auto function, so you've gotta manually run through the same stage every day. Granted, it's not an awful flaw considering how short the daily grind already is (only about 10 minutes max since you get very little stamina), but it does get repetitive very quickly.

So what do you grind for? Well sometimes it's normal upgrade materials. Run the stage get X amount of material, move on. But sometimes you need to get artifacts (equipment), in which case you will be at the mercy of RNG. Yes, the stats on your equipment (besides your weapon) are completely dependent on RNG, meaning that, in a genre where slow, constant progression is one of the main factors in keeping your player base alive, you can spend weeks worth of stamina for essentially nothing, which is one of the main reasons that I and most people I know have dropped it or taken long breaks from it.

While we're on the topic of RNG, let's talk about the gacha itself; it's not good. Rates are incredibly low, and even in the honeymoon period of the game you really won't be getting all that much premium currency. Granted, you can clear basically everything in the game with F2P units with enough skill, dedication, and luck, which is the main excuse Genshin players like to use to defend it, but I wouldn't really say that a terrible gacha is a good quality for a gacha game to have. Also, I am not saying the gacha is predatory. It's EXPENSIVE, but everything is transparent. You get what's advertised.

The story? It's fine. It has its highlights, but it feels as though it's mostly comprised of busy work. Not bad but I certainly wouldn't play the game for it. Overall, Genshin's a pretty good side/casual game. Updates are so infrequent that you don't have to worry about taking breaks and missing content, because there's really no content to miss.

Also, if you're looking for a game with a lot of cosmetics to collect, Genshin isn't it. Outfits are pretty new (there's only 2 at the time of writing) and are a bit pricey at around $27 USD. There's been a few other event-only cosmetic items, and a couple that everyone gets through progression, but it won't scratch that itch for you.

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