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What's up with this game
Idle battle suck!
Hey you have great concept mixing planegirls, tankgirls, and shipgirls [發怒]Never had i see done before but, What a waste of great arts[難過]
No voice acting either

I'm sad & angry, my day ruined and my dissappointment is immeasurable.[發火][大哭]

Hime Mahjong | Japanese


☺️Easy to reroll
I got 2 characters i want
My experience, this is better than mahjong soul that always have sick player luck nya nya just shut up😂

Blue Archive


3d graphics with fast loading speed ever👍

Cute idle-game many lolis i can get.[色色]

Symphogear fan here we go! [賣萌]

[鬼臉]Impressive 3d combat battle experience waifu mecha-musume. It really is alternative Busou shinki or Frame arm girls. I wish they could have a collab once.

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


Basically, we become Tenchou manage the cafe and battle wtih cute girls. [鬼臉]

Ash Arms | Japanese


🙂The gameplay surely is familiar one 2 side battle with more combat 2d animation.
Very intriguing music and sound effecfs & character are seriosly... 😆cute yeah tanks x girls.
My favorite thing i like is home 2d live wallpaper smooch 😚

Red: Pride of Eden


Amazing live 2d, smooth animation motion & battle, beautiful user interface, many cute and sexy characters 😍😘

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MEMES Probably abbreviation from Mxxxx Exxxx Mxxxx Exxxx Sxxxx [懵懂]Why are you Laughing!? [為什麼] Read Note
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