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Its okay i like the graphics and the story but you get not enough gold or the stones to summon

Tensura:King of Monsters


it crashes nonstop

Final Fate TD | Global


its cool

Its Okay but the Gameplay is Boring and the Summon rates are Terrible Plus after a short while the Game kicks you out and say Connection Error so you can not Enter the Game.[no]

Really Beautiful Charakter but this Game is Really Early you have not many modes and Quests but in all is Really Good

기억의 저편


Its Okay.
Its Really Hard to get a SSR Charakter and its Really Impossible to get the Story Finished later in the Game but Overall its Fine.

Azur Lane | English


I dont know why everybody like this Game. The Gacha Systeme sucks. The Gameplay is Boring but the Chars Looks Good THATS ALL

And now a New Version but here is not a New Version?

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