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Leisure gamer girl
Serene Toh 5419609

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Leisure gamer girl
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Have to login with China identification. can't play

Super love it! Highly recommended

Rakshasa Street


Sadly have to verify with your ID or passport if not you cannot play more than 60mins. If not it will be a good game

I love this game ! Recommended to try out ! 😃

可爱![開心] 只要是可爱的,我都爱

Wannabe Challenge


I love this game ! But the file size is not gonna be small though .

Quite disappointed

Great! It's been a long time since I last play this game. My favourite game from Nintendo. The gameplay is much more than just cooking.

Mr Love: Dream Date | SEA


It became a addictive game to me. [委屈]

The Sparkling Queen


Quite boring. Deleted after trying for a few minutes. Graphics are good.

[色色] Graphics and storyline are great ! But the gacha is real difficult to get a better character. Sad..

Swordsman | SG & MY


This game is awesome but playing it will make your phone hot. It takes around near to 2GB size for me though. 🤔

Granblue Fantasy


I'm a first time player. Knowing nothing about Granblue but been hearing about it from friend. Now I'm addicted to it. The collaboration with other anime are awesome! (>^ω^

Sadly if you dont spend money, you cant expand the inventory. if you dont expand, you can't receive more weapons. sigh..

Pokémon GO/ Pokemon GO


As a pokemon fan since young. Having the game to feel like as if you are in it, it's great. Plus you get to meet and make new friends along while playing and keeping healthy at the same time. \(^o^)/

Love Nikki | English


Been a player of LN for years. Made great friends in the game. Players of LN are nice and helpful. Gameplay and storyline are great! Well.. Definitely will need to pay if you want special suits. If not, the rest are also good. (>^ω^

Azur Lane | English


I may not know anything about warships but definitely able to understand it after really studying through it. Graphics are superb! Gameplay is good. Not bad at all. ( ^ω^)

CocoPPa Dolls


This game is perfect until they forced people to pay money for it if not it will be too difficult to even get pass the higher stage. Sigh..

Alice Closet | Japanese


Love this game a lot. It's really cute and all you have to do is to collect clothes.


Love it! It's just that the game is at least a 6gb large :(

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