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Hatsune Miku fans
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Hatsune Miku fans
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nice gameeeee I hope I can collab with more anime

best game but not for f2p players

i like this game The gacha is not difficult and the easy gameplay makes you excited to play

Guardian Tales | Global


best pixel rpg game
story ✓
costume ✓
for f2p recommend because it's easy to get diamonds n

Guardian Tales | Japanese


nice game nice illustration

great game but fak gacha no rate / pity but why am i still playing it? www huh gacha for waifu will spend your money. this is a farming type game and you have to be patient when playing this game [暈]

this great game but gacha rate no good For those who like the anime, they will definitely download it I hope it's a friendly game for free players



This application is good but I hope the drawing game can be zoomed in and out hehe and I hope paypal is available

nice game but and gameplay This game is between recommended or not, the problem is i need english version for this game hmm i think i'am not worry for 5 stars ~

nice game but this game is very pay2win yes guys and if you want gacha you have to prepare lots of tickets and here the ones with great power will win the gacha rate of around 1.5% for the gold type (ssr) character



the game is good but how about it for people who play on cellphones using their thumbs a little too difficult btw good character art and nice graphic design game i love it



the game is pretty good for rhythm games And the song is good, the game size is 534MB which is pretty good for rhythm games

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


naisu game good art character and good storylinee I hope the spin rate is not too difficult, everything is good. I love it

i love project sekai because there is a vocaloid song, this is highly recommended

Girls Symphony


Overall good rate of gacha



best app for share ur artwork if u want find some great artwork u pay premium pixiv

best rythm game For those of you who want to be pro, you have to keep on playing with character upgrades and upgrading the band's equipment, everything is good, love it

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