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Enjoying every rhythm game i could play
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Enjoying every rhythm game i could play
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i like this game!!! [開心]

Cookie Run: Kingdom


a good game! one of some rpg game i liked!



The only otome game that doesnt make me bored.

Helios Rising Heroes


Junior supremacy

Graphics are.... bravo! i have no words to say about this game! this game is just straight amazing! overall, songs are pretty good, and i dont dislike some (like i did in some rhythm games). i like all songs that ive played and heard in the game. gachas and the currency are kinda generous tho. card arts are pretty amazing, card costumes is pretty too! about 3dmvs, its amazing too! u know, when i played proseka in expert/master mode, 3dmvs with 3-5 peoples lags so bad i cant even play nor fc songs, and because of that, unfortunately i have to turn off the 3dmv which is kinda sad because i want to enjoy the 3dmv while playing. but this game tolerates my potato tablet pretty well! never lags and stuttering is kinda rare, also stages, effects, and 3d models is pretty great too! all songs have 3dmv (from what i know), and every mvs have chance time! [開心][色色] i really like the chance time in justice or voice, and the song too! if you failed to do some combos before that one big rainbow orbs/before chance time started, you will not be able to see the modified chance time pvs. grinding is not very hard, but just kinda hard to understand since i cannot read japanese and this game is kinda different than proseka and bandori (of course yes lol) overall, great game 1000000000000/10! (so sorry for the long review lol, and i did not mean to sugarcoated the game, i just like it from the bottom of my heart, and this review is not meant for critique, i just want to tell my experience and impression while playing this game)



Absolutely. the. best.
this game are totally bangers yall. from the costume charts, the details, ect. i love this game sooo much. this is like one of rhythm game that got me totally addicted to it. although the website is kinda trash, i still like this game lol. my favorite mode is the slider one? err idk what is that but i absolutely fall in love with this game. 10/10!

cant rate the story because its japanese and i dont play the eng ver. graphics are kind old style rhythm game, characters design are cute, gacha rate are good, overall, this is a great game!



this game are really good! the graphics are sooooo fresh! the notes are satisfying, and the gameplay is so fun! my storage is kinda little, but it's worth it to sacrifice it for game like this! songs are good too! since im a f2p player, and i cannot buy the song packs just because, it's still enjoyable! for story........ umm since im a f2p player, i cannot rate the story and, didnt really mind the story because i thought simulators are boring. but for now, i rate this game 5 star!

Puroseka is da best, stan Touya Aoyagi from my dearest vivid gay squad

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