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Aether Gazer | Global


Sorry but it's the truth
It's an copy of Punishing:GrayRaven but kawaii
Both run on potato CPU, 3 GB RAM
The difference:
PRG's combat have 3 types of orb through it you advance in stage or lose... The difficulty in the chance to get orb and it's usage
As for this... it based on face to face attack, in mean levels of this game are below the level of difficulty, no matter what stage is conjured from hell
PGR excels in terms of visual effects, gameplay, difficulty, and story!!!

it might be great just for those who love to play android game on emulators, it won't be complicated like PGR

PGR forever



The game looks beautiful and entertaining, but you are facing the same problem with the Azur Lane, the gameplay have something missing to give you the real please you wans especially as an STG game...
For me I'll skip it even the next updates

I never expected that...✨[賣萌]
✨It's my, all time, favorite game ❤️✨
I'm tired of all the games especially the traditional RPG system, bored background, card-restricted, focus on on the story, graphics, and aesthetics is meaningless🙄... without focusing on the player's interest...😤

If you are a fan of the giants Honka☺️i and Genshin impact🤩, you will absolutely love this game...🔥

The game focuses on the characters and your Gameplay skills, your speed and device strength, movement parity and characters...😯 with a solo play system and the best luck system 💖
The game is very beautiful and interesting. I consume more than 400 serums daily, and I feel that this is not enough to satisfy my thirst for it.🤪❤️🤭

If there is a deficiency in the game, it will be in the fact that ❗it is a game of missions and not an open world game❗...
This can be fixed through the event...
Then they can add a small and wonderful world with the ability to play online with your friends and add challenges...
Like an amusement park, the situation was sooooo great
I'm addicted to
💘Punishing Gray Raven💞

What I enjoyed the most was the story of the anime...[開心]
Needs a little modification,for example the possibility of removing data when each part is finished and many other small details...
The game size is basically 4,9 GB and may be more than 5.8



This game is as beautiful as it is missing extras

Read the notes in which you will find my article ... in which there is a semi-comprehensive summary of the game, Focus on the advantages and shortcomings of the game and everything you should know about what awaits you in it

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Re: Zero Anime Re Zero
One of the creations of the white fox studio.
This series consists of 3 seasons and two films as special episodes, its popularity has clearly emerged with the end of the second part of the second season, It was not mentioned much in the social media except in the form of memes when Subaru rejected REM 😂😂💔💔😭😭
Do you recommend me to try the games of this series on console or PC?
Everyone who plays this game, let him express his opinion frankly and what are the additional features that make it distinct from others and push you to try it!!!
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