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if you don't like my take stay mad
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if you don't like my take stay mad
Game Comments (3)

Garena Free Fire MAX


don't you even dare to think this is an f2p game first of all this game is like Roblox but you only spend money on useless accessories the graphics are horrible even when you play it on rtx 3080 also what storyline does this game even have?? everything that you bought in this game is just useless accessories and plus a lot of children play this game in fact every time I go coop it's always full of children the gameplay is too Boring cause you get help from the system the sound is meh and the value of each accessories is not even worth it so don't ever spend money in this game also this game is like a PUBG lite and Roblox combine sure you can play this game but don't go spending money on it it's for your own good

gameplay wise this is just a Candy crush dragon ball game although the character animation is good but storyline wise is one of the most boring one I've ever seen and the story is already done either way which makes it even more boring the content in this game is quite large but very limited but here's the thing a lot of the content is only going to be played only once just to get The dragonstone or a dragon ball and this game have the audacity to cost about 5GB+ when the animation is not even that much sure it's been 6 years the new mode is not that fun (for me)

Genshin Impact


welp what can I say this is one of if not the best game in Mobile i can assure you that the story hits like a f*****g truck of emotion sometimes also we can never be waiting for content for to long cause this game updates every 6 weeks however beware that this game have a very huge storage cost i say for newbies about 7-10 GB of storage and try not to play for long cause playing the game for too long can make your phone heat up like an oven and this game also eating your phone's battery life like a hungry pig and the best part is that whether your going f2p nor p2w it doesn't matter cause we can clear the game regardless of paying or not and you can enjoy the game at your own pace without anyone interfering with you

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