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since its about to close server, why dont they just give us more freebies like max level, gems, money and energy so we can enjoy all the game content bfr 10 February? Thats what most ges would do bfr close server so we can enjoy what's left.

Shin Sangoku Musou


Cant retrieve my old account. anyone help pls!

Yongbibulpae M


Anyone knows where we can download the in-game music or the names of the music 🎵🎵?
It sounded really cool 😎

1) Couldn't find 'Ladder of glory' play mode which I prefer compared to the current 'Heroe's story' mode. Did they remove that play mode?

It would be better if it is playable like a story mode and not a time limit event, I mean it's obvious that getting to fight variety of heroes if it were like story mode would be just awesome instead of waiting for months just to hope that event would pop up.

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where can we find the names of the in-game music and download? Read Note
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