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God of High School


Similiar to One Piece Treasure Cruise, this game offer 1 tap turnbased combat experience with a little twist. Beautiful chibi design and comic like story telling might charmed you into playing this game. Unfortunately, the game's crappy translation and numerous typos make this game felt like the dev didn't even put their effort into it.

They seems generous at first, giving everybody 100x premium summons and 2 Ancient God summons (best tier atm) but premium currencies is hard to get and by the looks of their microtransaction i doubt they would gave any more of this type of freebies.

I only played for 3 days and i already discover 2 game breaking bugs that it should have been known and fixed since the game launch. One of the bug is mira yoo mission that if you rank up or combine the shard before the quest told you so, your mission would stuck on there. The second one is daily dungeon drops. Even tho in the result screen i got a drops, when i check the inventory, there is no drop that i got from that dungeon and it sad to see when i spent half hour to farm and got nothing.

Microtransaction is sad to see, not only they lean to P2W side, they also offer VIP system as the proof this game is just cash grab.

Also their voice acting quality is awful, its like people record the sound on different platform then dev put it in without tinkering the volume and the noise.

The only thing i liked from this game is their character design.

Pro Baseball Superstars


Pro Baseball Superstars
or Baseball Superstars 2020 [English ver.]

is a game where you play as Coach, Manager and Players simultaneously.

Recruit your own people and train them! From Batter, Pitcher and Catcher, you need them all in order to became the greatest club in this Universe!

They definitely nailed the gameplay.
Play as a Batter or a Pitcher with Simple or Advanced Controls, they both had up and down but they both had their own benefit aswell. The game running smooth and had no stutter on my devices.
You can only do gacha on Trainers, all of Players needs to be recruited and trained by yourself. There is three (for now) division you can choose to train your players, each division had different benefit and perks for you to choose. There is also automatic factory that can produce players for you but it won't have ultimate powers because automatic factory using cutting edge technology instead of trainers.
Medium PvP focused game with plenty PvE content, definitely Pay2Progress and almost Pay2Win. Resources for Gacha is easy to get so free players had nothing to hold them except luck.

Visually okay and using shortened figures as their style of the gameplay. Background is good but can do better.

The BGM is kinda good but it lacks voice acting and the sound effect is okay.


Good Game but lacks of certain feels. Amazing Gameplay, you should try this game out.

English version is available at google playstore by the name Baseball Superstars 2020

My Impression: I love this game and can't stop playing it for past few days. I like the mechanics recruiting and training your own players and the gameplay is so good i'm basically very invested to it right now.

by Velvyx

Fantastic and well made game. Props to the Devs.

It's your classic Megaman game with an upgrade system like most of gacha games.

The gameplay are same like other megaman games. Which is good since they maintain the same consistency and stick to the root.

The grapichs are well made and it's detailed, i love it when they change the weapons the pose/animation are actually get changed aswell.

The sound are well made too, because it has detailed sound effect like the beam are actually fading from left to right when shooting.

Althought this are great but the performance is running like ass on some devices. While changing the graphics would smoothen the gameplay but it doesn't remove the chunk of load meaning you had same lag output/crash output throughout the game regardless of the setting.

Currently i'm no longer playing this since i had no time for playing action based game (it took longer than other games)

Bonus: how to reroll
-Login Guest Account
-Skip the tutorial by pressing pause menu on left side
-Follow the instruction until you Leveled up your weapon
-Claim the bonus from mails
-If you didn't get your wanted unit/s restart the game
-Log out from menu on bottom right
-Then go to first step again (login guest)

Honestly i don't know how to value this game since i only play it for 20-30 hours but I believe this review gonna be useful for those want to install this game.

First off, this game is way more complicated than you thought. This is a semi idle game and more leaning towards rpg aspect and tycoon (its kinda felt its not an idle game anymore). You are playing as chief of village, hiring heroes/mercs to clear monster outside of your village. You can wait mercs to come or just recruit them through scroll (gacha).

The gameplay is kinda complicated for this type game because there is tons of material for your mercs to collect. This is where the problem began.

-You had no control of the drop material (unless it's a specific monster drop)
-Your heroes would attack anyone in their sight without prioritizing the drop material.
-You need ton of material not only for building but heroes satiety aswell (hunger, happiness, bed, health, thirst etc) < all of these are consumable meaning you have to restock once a while to keep heroes running. Not only that, you have to forge your own weapon, leveled up your heroes skill through school system and etc < all of these need tons of material that you have to restock aswell.
-There is dungeon system but you have to geared up well if you don't want to lose and their rewards are not that big.
-And on top of this your heroes number are limited meaning you had slow progression since you can't gacha a bulk of heroes and then farm that way.
-oh, if you did offline or leave the game, there is no offline income meaning you had to watch your heroes grinding for hours and hours.

Aside from that, i like their pixel graphics and idea for the game, but i don't think they executed this perfectly. That's why this game felt so tedious and monotous even when you don't actually did anything.

It's get Meh score for me. If you ask, "would you play this again in the future?" the answer is obvious, It's big NO for me, but if they rework their drop system maybe i will play it again sometime in the future.

Arknights | English


After few days playing it, i've been hooked by masterful experience that arknights offer, well, not exactly. I already played it long time ago when CN server still on closed beta test, but it didn't last too long because it's strategy game with lots of skills involved, but if the median for me understand the game in a language that i don't understand, how do i improved? so long story short after chinese server ended their CBT, i too start uninstalled this game.

Now i'm back again! I've been waiting this come out for ages. Let me tell you how good the game is and it's downsides! buckle up because this review is gonna be long. (TL;DR is on bottom)

The Graphics
Characters are well drawn and had their own signature which is amazing, The story art drawing is captivating and really looking smooth between transition. Animation is amazing aswell and i'm glad they choose 2D route with animation instead 3D chibi models like other games.

The Sounds
For me the BGM are not the best but it's not bad either, it's get an okay for me. But the v.a characters sound are amazing, the sound feels belong into that charater, especially Kroos with her KOKODAYO~ , i just wish theres opt for playing all the sounds on menu.

The Gameplay
Oh man, the gameplay is fookin beautiful, it's a Tower Defense game with tactical placement, It's not new but it's captivating by how the game looks and feels. It pulls me in every time i played it, sure it's hard and grindy but i'm really liking it. For some people might call this torture because the amount of grinds in this game is unbelieveble stupid but if you loves this game it's not a problem. Many people call it boring because of it and i get it, i don't blame them. Not only combat that i like the most but their base management and recruit system are amazing.

The Storyline
From what i've seen the story is meh and mediocre, but it's maybe i'm not yet finished the story. Although it had cool moments here and there, but i'm still wondering is it because it had nice visual drawing that the story more interesting or it just pure the script that makes that moment looked cool.

It's definetly my go to game, it's hard and challanging and had cool visuals although i didn't really liked the farming process of this game.

TL;DR cool graphic cool character sound, tower defense gameplay with strategy placement, it's hard and takes time to learn to play. the game is grinding hell and the story is mediocre.

Fresh Body


Full of Disappointment. It requires your real ID for logging in the game (the english version doesn't need that). God I hate Chinese Goverment.

It's neat roguelike with a decent story and graphic with atmosphere like don't starve. I personally don't like the animation but its up to you to judge. The important bits that make me angry was the gameplay, the game sometimes decided itself where to look at when the enemies is in the opposite of the face, it frustates me a lot. It doesn't stop there, the game sometime freezes and fast forwarding in the middle of fight or lagging out badly even tho the internet is fine. It's Clusterfck bug for roguelike game like this and the sound is sometimes bugged during the battle keeping out and in.

It's disaster for game like roguelike when the gameplay is very bad, not to mention mtx is aggresive asf.


Cat Alchemist


*WARNING* This game always forced closed/crash randomly due to bad programming.

First off i just want to say, whatever happens to the Dev, i wish him succeed in the future. Game as we speaking rn, i believe is abandoned by Dev. It could because of not popular enough to make money or it could be another reasons, i can't speak for them.

I can't help it but just to say: The Game is Fcking Awesome. They had good graphic, animation and gameplay. Their bgm is not bad compared to other games.

This is Roguelike shooter games like Birth of Isaac or Enter of Gungeon. Unlike two of that games, this game focused on simplicity of Roguelike and cute graphic. What i mean of simple is that the game only requires you to fiddle around simple upgrade and weapons, you use this weapon and this upgrade and then you set to go. Unlike those two i mention before this game had no shop/currency on dungeon, only 3 enemies room + 1 boss room and 1 rewards room, simple as that. And they don't had complicated story which is that's common for game like roguelike.

As much as i want to praise about this game, the frustating part of the game is not the gameplay of it but it's the fact the game crashed due to apps cant handle multiple asset simultaneously at the same time. This is what i called bad programming.

The dev could fixed it and improve it but after 2 months, they didn't drop hotfixes, meaning they abandoned the game (or that's what i believe atleast).



Edit: the Value to 3 because the game is full of bug
Original Score 4.0

Pretty solid game. It's turn based chara collector game with super polished graphic.

I have to say i've impressed with this game, although its size are smaller than most of gacha games (only 1.2GB) they manage to pull off the beautiful graphic with cutscene remake from this graphic. Most gacha games that use anime/manga as their source, most of them took cutscene direct from it sources which is dissapointing but not with this game, they use its sources as additional information while using cutscenes with their remake.

The music/bgm is suprisingly good. I like the bgm on menu, its very relaxing and its remind me of the anime.

Gameplay is mediocre among collector game, its turn based combat with skills with chapter as progression system. Unfortunately they didn't had skip ticket option for farming so its sucks waste of time 30 min or more just for farming a little upgrade. It's use slow progression system where you don't lvl up your heroes frequently, as additional power, you can add hero 6 jade, 4 link slot and skill upgrade. Only Mob that can change the skill and do ultimate since the game revolve about him and he is the only character with costume (another chara had aura as a costume)

Gacha rate SSR is 3% for premium, 0.5% for friend gacha, and normal gacha had no ssr. While i'm saying gacha, i also want to say that acquiring tickets diamonds are hard asf. mainly diamonds, they take forever to collect, as for tickets you can get them on shop(diamonds), stage rewards and suprise shop (coins).

Storyline are taken direct from anime so you don't have to worry about canon.

I'm liking this game and i have to say it's impressive with good graphic on small package. Please keep in mind this is a review that based on 2 days my experience on this game. If you want discussed or critics my review please do it in civil manner.

TL;DR Good game with good graphic and sound, with slow progression system and no skip ticket. Gacha rate is normal. Good for people that want invested in long time, not good for people with impatient tendency and gacha addiction.

P2W gacha games with no event other than topup and battlepass. Boring gameplay and long stage make this game a no for me. Hard to collect ingame currency to gacha make it worse. Servers filled with Whalers P2W and Arena dominated by them is laughable. Slow progression and dev gave you nothing to play with. i suggest you dive to other opm game even tho they had chinese language. dont bother to play this one.

Inazuma Eleven SD


i already did a review but apparently qooapp deleted it so i had to make it again. i just want to say 3 bullet points why this game failed and not gonna stay for long run.

1. limited stamina (5 stam and 10mins recharge for each stam)
2. heavily depends on rng even tho you had a more power than enemy.
3. rate up banner only for whalers

just play soccer spirits, it's better, its cooler and it had no rng in it. (im gonna back up this one so if they deleted again im gonna posted it again)

Blade of Vengers


Yoooo wtf, this game is so good.

For those who wandering what is this game, this game is like slay the spire with graphic like nanatsu no taizai game. It's 3D turn based card action with exploration system just like slay of spire! If you really like card system action like slay of spire, you will really like this game a lot! Unfortunetly this game is in chinese so you need apps like ever translation to understand the cards.

This game is my jam, it had good graphics and gameplay at same time. I didn't care about the story (and i'm too lazy to translate).

If only this game had english ver. its definetly 10/10.

It's remind me old sao games mixed with fgo. Crapy graphic that blurred when the game zoom in, and basic animation makes this game doesn't feel good at at all. I like the combat system it reminds me fgo a lot. There are 2 system quest in this game, one where you had to running around like in another eden and one more used classic wave system. Sound and Storyline taken straight up from anime, which is pretty okay. And lastly Gacha.. oh boy you had to grind up hard because 1 stage alone can take up to 15 mins.

I love the combat but that alone doesn't make this game good at all. I recommended this if you are a maso for sao and fgo. i don't recommendes this game for casual that like change a game for a month or two. This game take up time and dedication. (and your soul)

Basically this game had same structure like previous other sao game, they only changed the combat and battle system (also story)

uh oh, i forgot to mention the scariest thing in this game ....
weapons gacha.

Soul Ark: Season2 Reunion


It's really solid rpg game really. But i can't stand the stories, the english is so broken it made me dropped the game. i want to review it fairly but honestly at this point idc anymore, all i can say this is a really good game but the translation on story wants me to puke.

Ash Arms | Japanese


Good God, i fell in love with this game, really.
This game plays like your avarage jrpg system with a twist on it. the artstyle reminds me frontline girls/azurlane/kancolle and i love this kinda style. As much as i love this game, the progression system are painful. like frontline girls , to maximize high tier units stats u need very high dedication. Luckily the gacha are very generous, so you don't have to worry about not getting a single "ssr(3 stars)" chara.
the storyline are alright except there are too many text on it, i'm getting tired with so many exposition. The sound are not the best but it's not awful, i just wish they had song on opening part instead just bgm music.

My Hero Academia


While it mostly P2W, the game itself are pretty alright. Start off with the auto combat like most mobile jrpg games make this game looks like mediocre chara collector. The story itself are same as the anime or comics making the story chapter pretty boring. Even tho the game focusing on monetazation, this game lacks on content which is pretty bad on my opinion, they had nothing atm (besides the starter rewards).
They know that the gameplay are boring so they give the players skip combat button. Their gacha based on shards so you don't always get the character. While i don't know the percentage of gacha, i can tell that the gacha are awful. 50 times gacha "special summon" but never manage to get the legendary. it's your avarage jrpg mobile with stunning art and animation. This is a game that you must try on but never play it again after a month or two.

Edit: the gacha percentage are actually pretty okay. 1.5% legendaries, 10% on epic, 18.5% on rare and the rest are shards.

Edit2: after 2 months more playing the game nonstop everyday, i've been reconsidering review for this game.

First the game is very generous, you can farm premium currency very easily, if you had very careful audit for your income you can produce 100x pulls or more gacha easily in one month.

Second, the game had various event everyweek and every two weeks they introducing a new character or two. They had cool interactive event with side stories.
And rewards for event are worth to grind.

Third, they added a bunch of features and new side progression and stage with a lot of cool rewards without having "nerfing" the system.

Forth, they are fair even to F2P players, they did give a lot for f2p players. Like the shard system, if other game you only get shard from gacha, in this game you could get the shard pratically from everywhere stage, guild, shop, encounter and vacancies (as long its not limited time character, they dont appear on stage or shop) in two weeks or less you can get what character you want from shards! so you don't have to pull everytime (the only you pull when time limited hero showed up)

TL;DR The game had been good in 2 months and fair enough to f2p players and cool event and new system.




i wanted this game to be good but sadly it doesnt. it has everything that you wanted, good storyline, good graphic, hell even the voices are cute as fck. and the sad part of it, i kinda like the gameplay, it had solid core mechanic, if you combine it with some rpg gamelay like skills and etc it would been really a solid game.

this is IDLE game with some stats build, the higher the stats the higher people attracted to your town, the higher people attracted to your town the higher damage you deal to enemy. IT HAS A VIP SYSTEM althought its not a pvp game. its a waifu collector games with not so many waifu in it, it contains only 6 or 7 character. its SHARD BASED gacha, meaning you can only get shard on pull, on top of that gacha character combined with "equipment" so not only you only get shard you also had to deal with equipments. i tried pulling out 10 pulls and it only gives me 10 shard + 10 bonus shard (u need 60 to get 1 chara). max cap chara also need A LOT shards too.

People keeps comparing this to another eden just because theres so much similarities, its like comparing fgo with granblue fantasy which is same genre but with different style, its so different if you actually play the game a lot.

Here's my experience for playing this game for 2 weeks.

This game looks like empty at first sight but the more progress you had, the more alive, i had to level up to lv 30 to get all the feature unlocked (4-5 days).

its so easy to farm weapons you just beat 6 - 7 stages to fill in your bag and you can make weapons too.

Even tho this game heavily relay on auto, you just cant pass on full auto. thats where manual and semi-auto comes in. for an instance, if you teaming with other ppl to beat a hell stage you would need a manual control for dodging boss attack.

this game extremely generous even tho had pay to win system. even if you f2p player you can still enjoy all of experience in this game.

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