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Kukuru Yumaku


its weird

its higurashi related

Pokémon Sleep


dude its pokemon

Honkai: Star Rail


its from the creators of genshin, expect waifus

cant wait for this them to release the girls i like

Obey Me! Nightbringer


this game is interesting, too bad i cant read the language so ill have to wait for global to understand the story

i camt fully play it because i dont understsnd chinese but it looks very good

Favorite waifus here I go

MapleStory M | Global


It's still nearly as close as the old pc game

Weird but cool

It's God very nice animations

It's a good game!

The game is as decent as it gets for a game you planning to play on your time off

It's another rhythmic game, this one with all your favorite vocaloids, I played the Japanese version so I only understood so much of the story but the story itself is not important in games like this, it's all about the bands sidestories where you see how the interact with eachother

Rubbish Visual Novel


True to his name, this is a very straightforward and short visual novel, it's good to practice your Japanese and trust me there's potholes you cannot possibly see coming, because they make no sense

Life is a Game


This game is great, there's a lot of different paths and a lot of rng to keep you on your toes, just like on real life there's only so much you can do to have a succeful life by yourself

Head Over Heels


It's a visual novel, if you are here you have an idea of what to expect, lots of text, girl choices, etc, it's a decent time sink and in places where there's no internet, it can help you pass the time, the plot is somewhat generic, you are a retired instructor and get kinda Blackmailed into helping a dying club, if you don't know anything about the sport you will learn a thing or two

SINoALICE | Japanese


Think of this game as a dark horror novel with designs approved by the guy who made nier, extended universe of a few franchises like nier, final fantasy and now batman apparently, the music was also made by the very keiichi okabe so if you liked nier music it's pretty similar, all around a good way to spend free time

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i hope its like the anime. [色色] Read Note
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