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King's Raid


<( ̄▽ ̄)>

Your favourite characters are nothing but 'garbage' even after so many rebalance and/or rework. Rework just add more hit and repeat the skill twice/thrice in one cast, no brv break damage limit but there is no limit on brv recovery (lol 30k+ brv to all allies per turn, or 57k brv regen per turn), artifact is unbalanced, eidolon board is boring grind with little reward.

Bugs after update or maintenance, too many chars (<20 usable) but only 3 for party, summon is boring (same bgm theme, just brv damage), CHAOS difficulty is a BIG mistake, and the gacha rate is a LIE.

My 75k gem purple char is trash (not usable even with 7 board masters), worse than new lvl 70 char without EX. New *8 rainbow EX2++ soon?

tl;dr, rework & gacha simulator. And nope, this is not the best game on gacha market. (0/10) _(:3 」∠ )_

Merc Storia - Japanese


gacha slave.

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