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They should change the name of this game to Character Fusion Simulatior.

How to Raise a Harem has an obvious hook with some tantalizing visuals, but after about a week the Honeymoon Phase comes to a screeching halt and the game's shortcomings become glaringly obvious with rather mundane run-of-the-mill daily tasks, frustrating issues with character balancing and infuriating difficulty spikes that come straight up out of nowhere. Players will likely hit a major pay wall in/around the mid 700 stages. And around player level 50 players will also notice lower SSR drop rates... going back to the end of the Honeymoon Phase.

Sadly, there is zero storyline, no replaying previous levels to grind for currency or gear, no way to sell gear that I can see, some very strange UI and button placement choices that warrants a lot of finger gymnastics, annoying in-battle VFX, and major resource bottlenecks with too many in-game currencies. Oh, and the game constantly hangs, times out, or will force the player to close and reset.

Should probably look to compensate the playerbase for sticking with them through this.



Starts out pretty fun with a pretty good hook to keep players tapping and engaged, but the fun is short lived. There is a serious lack of characters and the game looks to be pretty heavily focused on PVP, too, once you unlock the arena. Oh, and a hard paywall in the mid-30lvl area. If you ain't spending money, get comfortable because you're not going anywhere for a while.

Epic Seven | Global


This trash deserves a 1* mass review bombing until they address all of the garbage issues with the game like gold costs, stamina, BS unbalanced characters, OP gear, trash RNG on literally everything in the game, etc.

We'll see. You start off wirh average score. Garbage RNG and heavy PVP focus and the score drops.

It's almost like the devs DON'T want you to enjoy the game. Gameplay isn't that responsive, story-based events are far, far too difficult to seriously frustratingly stupid levels of difficulty. Just login every day to click all of tje exclamation points and log out. There is no auto repeat and really nothing rewarding or exciting to keep players going...and ive been playing for less than a minth.
The pilot gacha is one of the worst gachas I've ever seen in gaming. puts Brown Dust, Epic Seven, Destiny Child all to shame.

Like others have said before me, the story is a little jank with awful translations, but the music is OK. In fact, the music and likely outsourced artwork are the only redeeming qualities to this game.


Brown Dust | Global


🚩 Red flag alert! Hundreds, if not thousands of of FAKE 5* reviews on the Google Play store. Flag these as spam - totally unethical!This game is a PVP dumpster fire with an insane meta powercreep that players must adhere to in order to to progress. Also has blind PVP matchmaking, which is nothing more than a game of rock, paper, scissors, but not fun and practically forced on the player. Major nerfs needed for Nartas, Christina and Asmode, but they don't ever listen to their community, just keep shoveling PVP down their throat. Uninstal.

Destiny Child | Japanese


A lot of rinse, wash, repeat. Events are too tightly crammed together, and usually wind up overlapping. Event rewards require way too much time from players, and everything costs Crystals which should feel rewarding to spend on the gacha, not required to play and reset events. Every event always revolves around a lame new gimmick and a new child to counter said gimmick, but the new child is locked behind a gacha banner (RNG). Boss gimmicks overpower the teams you've built unless you are lucky enough to get the new child to deal with the gimmick. And after the event you'll likely never use the child again. The pools for equipment and characters hasn't been updated since launch either, so prepare to get lots of the same stuff I quit playing due to Line and Stairs' constant greed and BS drop rates. Oh, and they hold limited skin drops to chests that have a very low chance to appear after event battles...and the skin has like a 0.00001% of even being in the chest. Game sucks.

Granblue Fantasy


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Sneak attack. :3
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