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hey. idk what to write here are you <3?
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hey. idk what to write here are you <3?
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This is JUST MY OPINION. Everyone has their own opinions also sorry if it's too long.

okay so everything is really cool as expected! but it's just one thing that bother me the most which is the sound, or what we called voicebanks. I get it that it's really good in some way but there's like something UNSPEAKABLE CHARM about the original than the project sekai one.

They changes most of their vocals to be LESS POWERFUL such as in Hibana, so it can focuses more on the humans and to be frank, I don’t think most of the original voices would match up dueting with humans, I think the goal is to make them sounds as normal as possible, probably (?) I don’t think they are bad, I really enjoy them nontheless, the new 2dmv “inochi ni kirawarete iru” miku voice sounds really good imo.

As another example, in the original Teo Mikus voice is desperate and powerful, almost as if she’s literally reaching out to you. On the contrary, in Sekai she sings Teo in a soft kind of way, and that’s it. I think the reason they had to use new vocals is so that it can blend better with the real people singing in the song.idk. OG voice is indeed a synth it ironically made it sounds "sincere"

yeah that's all from me, if you not agree with me it's fine because everyone has their own preference ^^, thank you for listening to my Ted Talk, hope y'all enjoyed the game and have a very nice day.

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