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Honkai: Star Rail


I don't even have to wait for official release and i already know that this will be fantastic honkai journey

For gacha soul, this is your last chance to turn back to your normal life ◉⁠‿⁠◉

Limbus Company


Begin from Face the Fear, Build the Future.
Reflect from the Library

And then we have
Face the sin, save the EGO

Puzzle easy at first except the last one. Simple graphic. Overall, just so-so

Really Bad Chess


Some1 need to recommend this game to GMhikaru

Leona come home plz

Edit: Had go through first 2 book, I noticed few typo and somehow they have poor translation on bringing out characteristic of the characters. Many texts were translated different from the Japanese context. It maybe a minor miscontexts but it determined how the reader interpreted the character. Im gonna say it here EVERY WORDS IN THE BOOK MATTER!!!!. Im going to stick with fan translation on Youtube, since it had detailed and accurate context translation.

Also I worried about the Overblot design going to change from Japan TWST because of the backlash.[大哭][大哭][大哭]

Edit2: So far, the english translation is so americanize.



Well design and unique puzzle

Escape game JAPAN BLUE


Short escape game. Good thing is hints do not require ads. Not too hard. Gg



I don't know how the story will goes, but I already know that it will be fantastic.

Edit: Just start the game and I would like to rate this game 10000000000 out of 5 please[色色]

Mr. Hopp's Playhouse


I can't touch the controller after adjusting volume setting. Something trouble with touchscreen and the game. Would be good to fix this.



Okay, from what I understand is the weather in your current location have to rain in order to make the machine move forward. You have to turn on the Location to play(the game should progress once it rain the 'real world'). When it's raining in the real world, the machine will start walking automatically. Even if you close the app, it will continue walking for a certain period of time.

According to the game description, "If it rains in the real world, it will rain in あめのふるほし too",
The setting is in planets with scattered machine debris and polluted air, which only clear out on rainy days.

Machines can only move on rainy days and just keep walking, picking up "the wills" from the wreckage of broken machines.
Someday, it will breaks itself too. Machines that are no longer in motion, like the wreckage, finally leave a will(which you can type anything but only in Japanese).

By watching video ads, you can make the machine walk faster.
It will reach its wreckage and break faster.

At the same time, there is donation system, the amount can be freely selected. No matter how much you buy, it will not effect the gameplay.

Escape Game-Ninja room


Very short escape game, slight mistranslation, overall gg
Edit: More importantly, This game is not suitable for Tablet/iPad platform. Trust me i tried

Only play solitaire and slowly upgrading the tower. The more you play the more expensive each game it get. Too less gameplay

Just solve nonogram puzzles and hamster will increase. Not much game gameplay, cute hamster tho

That time when I reincanated as a slime to protect the witch house

Short escape game, unique graphic, relaxing bgm

High Rise


This game has its own rule. Tricky but enjoyable

Nowhere House


Real random solution and some are hard to figure out the answer.

ありがとうございます[賣萌][耍帥][害羞] This game help me in many ways, wayyyyyyyy much better than irl people. Thank you💖

Edit: Just finished first episode and now I know that the rest of the story going to be a whole ride of rollercoaster[大哭]

Vivian&Knight | English


The game still hasnt fixed yet...It look interestinggggg[大哭][大哭][大哭]

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I want Ono Daisuke's voice character :) #崩壞星鐵豪禮車票 Read Note
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