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I'm only here 'cause of Hatsume. jk
My only complaint is the lack of pvp but everything else is nice.

A month long mainty.
Then. When the server is now "stable" as they claim it, the app force close or just gets stuck at black screen. No matter which mobile or even emulator I use it is the same outcome.



At least the game doesn't have nakama powa bs. But in all honesty...this game sucks. Obviously meant for the typical brain-dead Fairy Tail fans who would play a bad game as long as it got their favorite character.[發困][發困][發困]

Murder Maiden


No need to reroll in this game as the game got good rates and it's fast to dl. Highest rarity is SS but can only be achieved thru evolution. You'll know when you hit the jackpot if you got a rainbow book.
The gameplay is easy to understand and quite similar w/ games from DMM.
The art looks like from some old school hentai dating sim game.


Only noobs who wanted to be spoon fed won't see the value of this game.

Abyss Horizon | Japanese


Almost everything about this game is great, except from PvP as it's a total BS. Don't mind those scrubs complaining about the 5* rate since it's better than the overrated waifu game as it's 2.5% not 1%. Do take not that there are 4* which are better than a 5* and every unit can reach 6* unlike most of games for which the SSR got 1 more star like Kanpani Girls.

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Everyone else is aiming for SSR cards while here Iam happily content w/ 4 and now all I want are dupes. [開心][開心][開心]  Read Note
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