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Absolutely impressive!

LoL has already carry alot of depht, value and a mass fanbase, so its not suprised that they were able to have a successful release

Wild Rift is fun, fast (not too fast), and very f2p friendly

Action Taimanin | Global


can not stresses enough how mobile game should belike Action Taimanin.

you can't gacha your character in this game, but you can buy them, fully upgraded them no need for dups and bullshit, the only thing you need to gacha is weapons and support cards, which is not that big of a deal because the rate are very high 3% for ultra rare.

story have full voice acting
girls are very beautiful and cute
censorship are there but man! if there wasn't any, I would be playing with one hand all the time which can effect gameplay [懵懂][委屈][白眼] so yeah thank you Lilith for caring lol :v

Genshin Impact


This game will shape the mobile gaming community so hard.
Evenviroment: everything make sense in this game, your choice to climb, swim, on road, off road, airborn is yours, this world is big enough and will get bigger for you roaming experience

Characters: they are good if you are good. If you mastered the controls of game like Warframe, GunZ, BOTW, you will be ok. If not you will be a butt hurt loser that complains up and down about the gacha rate

Weapons: If you rolled weapons, you should rerolled lol :v

Storyline: Full with mysteries, connections, and plot. If you are only here for the gacha salt hell, well then suck to be you

Monsters: Omg... I regret not saving for a laptop or PC set up :v

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