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World Flipper | Global


just a headsup for people planning to play this. be aware that kakao games removed the account delete function from the GL version of the game, making it really hard to re roll . to make matters even worse, the GL version is stingy with the amount of currency it gives out, so go figure why they removed it . terrible disappointed with this release. despite preparing myself for the shafting to happen, this really stings as i was excited for the game because i hoped kakao games would have some decency to not go too far with it, but here we are.

(NOTE:Seems like kakao games a are busy doing damage control on the game google playstore page right now deleting 1 star reviews that points out the stunt they decided to pull off...)

the game is good. good visuals, alot of content and seem somewhat f2p friendly. the major issue that holds this game back is how terrible the app runs. my phone is no older than 2 years, and yet the game has issues with having any sort of decent framerates and during combat . the game shugs like crazy at times, and it makes my phone heat up like crazy despite the poor performace . that being said, the devs seriously needs to spend some time working out the issues, because at times it makes the game unplayable. the second thing that kinda holds the game back, is lack of qol. you manually need to re queue production in your town, so there is alot of clicking involved in this game. would have loved to have a auto production function, so that most of your buildings that deal with resource production automaticlly make stuff even when you are not playing. i haven't progressed that far into the game yet, but i can only imagine how bad it gets once you unlock more buildings or expand your town as you progress. just having my fingers crossed that the devs actually cares about the game and work on the issues, because if they are able to fix them i seriously think this game has alot of staying power.

so been playing for abit over a week now, and so far this game has me hooked right in. adore the pixelated artstyle of this game, game does not use stamina for story missions so you can grind as much as you want and it seems somewhat f2p friendly so far. the game is a huge time sink due to how grindy the game is, so it might be a turnoff for some people that prefer to progress at a steady rate, as you are bound to hit progression walls , and it can take quite some time getting over these walls depending on how far you have progressed into the game. that being said, i still think this game is pretty good despite its nature. if you are looking for a game that you can invest your time into long term, look no further.

Blue Archive | Japanese


been playing since release, and so far it seems really good. the game lacks abit on the content side, but game just came out, so i guess it is to be expected. the simple gameplay might not be everyones cup of tea, but it is a game that is easy to play in your own tempo. the game has skip ticket system that instead of having to rely on actually having tickets, it uses stamina costs instead. the negative thing about the stamina in this game is that it is really limited without spending gems on refils, and that the auto refil rate is 1 per 6min. i guess it makes abit more sense considering what type of game it is, but grinding without spending gems on stamina refils can feel like a chore since some of the items from stages seems to have somewhat of an low drop chance . also, the character skill upgrades takes quite some time to grind for. you can grind for items you need from a skill upgrade item stage, but its really sparse with how much it gives you per run and you can only run them twice a day. might be something i have missed that might make it easier, so it might not be that big of a deal. character pool is somewhat limited, and the characters looks abit simplistic in their designs. however, i really like the in game chibi 3d models of the characters, really cute looking. really casual game, and perfect as a side game.
the only problem is the horrid shard grind. you get them from hard mode maps, and you can do them 3 times a day. to add insult to injury, its NOT GARANTEED drop. i mean, if you only get 3 tries a day, it makes no sense to not make the shards a garanteed drop for each try. this is one of the reason why most people despise character shard systems, and this is no diffrent. that being said, its not enough to make me hate the game, but it does put some damper on my experience when i get shafted at times when i grind for them. hope they change the rate further down the line, because right now its just frustrating and horrid to deal with it.
i can't really make any comment on the story as my japanese is really poor, but it seems to be lighthearted . the game is not fully voiced like priconne is. its not really a dealbreaker, but so far the VO in the game seems abit lacklusting. so far this is a keeper for me, hope yostar plans on bringing this game to global :)

really fun game. straight forward gameplay and progression. the only issue i am having with the game is that it seems that you need a japanese google playstore account to save your progression. everytime it asked me for login it basiclly gave me an error message. makes sense that there might be some restrictions since the game has not officially released outside of japan, but really sucks if you for some reason have to change your device.

so far the game share alot of simularity to bandori. the only diffrence is that instead of bands it has djing . its not really a bad thing tho, the game is really good visually and has just as much charm . haven't really dived too deep into it just yet as i am waiting for the english text option, but so far its looking good. if you are a big fan of bang dream,you are most likely going to like this.

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