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ive been a bit of a fan of en bandori for a few years now so earlier this week i decided to download the jp version and WOW its so much better. i love bandori's art and the game mechanics. the game is also really generous with stars. ive been having pretty good luck so far with the gacha (but also im one of those people who remakes accounts until they get a "lucky" one, so im not sure exactly how generous the gacha system is). if you like en bandori, definitely check out jpdori.

Touhou Danmaku Kagura


i LOVE this game. ive never really been a huge touhou fan but this game has definitely gotten me into it. the characters and art are all so cute and the songs are amazing (obviously. i mean they ARE touhou songs). this game is also really fun for me as someone who is usually really bad at rhythm games! in most games i have to play on easy level but in this one i can play on hard! that may not be as much of a good thing for more experienced rhythm game players, but even then i think youll have fun! its a really good game and i wish it was talked about more because it really deserves it!

Cookie Run: Kingdom


this game is really good!!! its super fun and very generous. one of my only complaints though is that when the game does update, the update is BIG. its not inherently a bad thing, it just gets annoying if your phone is low on space when every update is 800 MB

probably my favorite rhythm game ever. the 3d models and cards are ADORABLE. the anniversary rewards were super generous too (free 10 pulls every day for a couple weeks!?!?! amazing). i definitely think every idol mobage game fan should try out deresute at least once.

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