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if you into im@s and wanted to see your favorite idol from different brand performing together, this game got you covered

Hatsune Miku -TAP WONDER-


Easy to get excited, easy to get bored

LovePlus Every


At first its easy to get hooked up, then its keep getting boring. I enjoyed the date at first, until i feel it repeated and i can guess what the girl want to say. I already at the point where i can do skinship and although i didn't unlock every date spot but i can tell its basically same. Thats expected from 2d girlfriend. Also this game is more grinding than it looks. Gacha, cards, level, skill, seasonal costume, limited card gacha, limited card event, you know where it goes.

Coundn't be better. This kind of game doesnt require much grinding and great time killer. Also the characters and the story are amazing.

#COMPASS | Japanese


great game, still confuse bc the language tho

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