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Pokemon Unite


hmmmm this game is fun bro . try it 👌

hmmmm this game is good actually they will give you like 3 multies and 1 UR gacha and a unlimited gacha to spam it till pick that one you want . guys try to get more copies of an ssr . that better than too have many ssr charecters. you need 3 copies to unlock SUR abilitie for better damage . goodluck (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Yohooooooooo its finally here guysss 🤩🤩like this if you love this kawaii waifuuuusss and tell me which one is your waifu [怪笑][賣萌] lesgoooooooooo 😻😍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍♥️💘💝💖💗💓💞💕❣️

felix is best girl no cap 😏🙃



hiiiii [微笑]
sooo lets talk about the game actually [害羞]
at the first you should download 2 GG data and than game will start with a cool story [耍帥]
lets dont about the story that much so will not get spoiled[懵懂]xd
the story isnt bad tho speacially with that husbandos in it[賣萌][懵懂]
art of charecters and UI is clean and well made for sure.
the main charecter thats you is a girl tho .[怪笑]
about stamina game have 80 daily stamina for now and will be refill with lvling up(stamina cap will be more too)
so lets talk about gacha [委屈][開心] after a few storry at the first game it will give you 10x free pull . SR charecters guaranteed in 10x pull . and it have a guaranteed SSR in first 30 pulls after that 10x free pull BUT when that done the guarantted cap witll be every 100 pull.[憋屈] xd
the story have 5 episodes for now . if you finish all the stages in an episode it will gie you tears of themis (the thing that you need to use for pulling). every stage will give you somethin like a coin . you can exchange that to get tears of themis for gacha.[微笑][微笑]
there some events too for new players too .
sooo this game is for the players who like the story. i not saying it havent good gameplay but if you wanna injoy this game its better to know english to read tho[害羞] . and if you like dtective type games or like to be a lawyer i think you should like this game xd[厲害]
about hte gameplay in some of stages you need to use the cards you earned from gacha (charecters) to win a conversertion fight with somone and deal damage with your card you will undrestand with playing tho. in some of stages you will need to investigate in a place . in some of them you need to make conection btw a few things you saw or heared to find what happend or what to do .
give a try tho you will like the game if you like this tpe of games[厲害][開心]
i hope my review helped you ( ^ω^) bye byeeeeee

hello everyone[開心]
guys i played most of the mobile rythem games and yes there is good rythem games too but in my oponion girls band party is better than them for some reasons [害羞]
it wasent best at the first but it got better with some updates tho [懵懂]
for exame they added a mode and we can practice each song we want without using stamina and thats so cool lots of the rythem games that have stamina system havent this [難過] the added more cute(kawaiii[賣萌]) bands too
so about stamina . it will not get full if you lvl up but if you played a song and used 1 stamina or 3stamina for it and with that you lvl uped it will give you that 1 or 3 stamina you used it again.

so wait what 3 stamina for 1 song sir?[為什麼] yes you saw correctly you can use 1 or 2 or 3 stamina for playing 1 song so it will give you 2x or 3x reward[開心]

sooo about gacha . gacha isnt bad and if you finish all the stry chapters you will have like 18k stars (gem) at the end[厲害][厲害]
if you are new wait for a banner you like and use them in it after that upgrade the 4* you got and injoy them [哇噻][色色]

the bands in the game have their orginal songs and lots of cover slof songs like strins gate anime and moreee[色色]

sooo give it a try you will like it[微笑][微笑]✋✋

Grand Summoners | Global


yo [不滿] i want to say this game isnt that f2p with gatchas but it dont need to be a wahle to play this game its fun to play and have good community . but the good thing about this game it have lots of collabs [厲害] but its fun if you dont get the collab charecters too .you can try this game now . you will like it i think . ( ^ω^) soooo goodluck with your gatchassss[開心][微笑]

[色色]omg guys this game is the mossstttt f2p gatcha game everrrrrr [大哭][色色]i played lots of gatcha games but this game is difrent than the others. its just too much f2p and thats really good it will give you 30 k gems after tutorial and thats like 10 10x multis after a free multi and 1 multi with 5* graduated that you want. i got 1 5* in each multi i done [色色][色色][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻] just download it and you will undrestand what i mean . i cant wait for global version lets see what will happend [哇噻][哇噻]bye bye😘

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!


there is too much freaking ADS OMG BROOOO stop it

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