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Trash-kun best character lmao

This game takes me back to my days of playing Final Fantasy VII.

The graphics look gorgeous and can be handled by low-end phones (just set the graphic to the lowest).

But the god-tier music is what takes the cake. (especially "Wildfire", that one that plays when you fight Cocolia)

Oh, and don't forget the characters (especially Mommy Kafka).

A nearly 5 because Castoria unexpectedly came home to me on my first 11 pulls. I dunno about the music because I play music from outside of the game (preferably ones from Final Fantasy series, Super Robot Wars, and of course Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) but I think it's good I guess. The storyline, time travelling to fix a broken future cliché, but a good take on this one. And last thing, no PVP which is good, given that I see some gacha whales (One I follow has all it's support list fully Ascended and at Max NP Level and full Palengenesis and are all 5-stars)

The PVP oh good lord the PVP... Not gonna lie, it frickin sucks when you reach Gold rank. It's full of P2W players even if you had skills once you take a hit from a 5-star and fully upgraded Unicorn, you get rekt immediately. On the other hand, the PVE modes are just decent enough. And one more thing it's a mobile version of Gundam VS series so it is expected to be PVP heavy.



The music is so good especially in the duel climax... The deck edit music is so relaxing...

Edit: Android version seems laggy... But can run on some Potato phones miraculously although in not considerable FPS. Hope Konami fix this soon... Can't play properly or even edit my deck because of visual bugs...

This game is way too generous to F2P players which is what I love in this game. It also has an option to switch to Japanese voice language (you may also hear your Fave seiyuus because it has a generous cast of popular JP VAs)

Bruddahs this game made me a Man of Culture... I see boobs everywhere.!!!

Tbh... I have a megane fetish so I'll go with Yuzu😂

Imagine how dope it could be if they do collab with FF7 with Tifa or Aeris and Cloud as unlockables... Oh... And Cloud can be a Trap as well, like Shiori

I'm an F2P player and enjoys the AI more than the PvP duels... Kinda having fun with Aromages and at least reached Platinum with them... And last of all, the Summoning Animations, majority of them are great, like Elemental HERO Neos and Divine Neos Animation while some are meh... They should've added the animation for Shooting Quasar though...

Update: VRAINS bgm is god-tier

Another update: Mimi Atachi's theme in SEVENS world makes me remember September

Another update: Yugo's theme has the violin literally on fire

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The 3rd Strongest Gundam of course (The top 1 and 2 are Turn A and Turn X) #ShareLockScreen  Read Note
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