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Realest cat lover
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Realest cat lover
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Nice game, been playing it for two years. Cute characters and amazing art, challenging difficulty songs in high levels too! although the gameplay is very basic rhythm gacha idol game, it's fun for me! although some people may find it boring. (i do get burned by the repetitiveness)

The game features 20 original characters with a great story and Crypton virtual singers. If you're familiar with vocaloid and is interested in a vocaloid themed rhythm game you can carry anywhere, this is perfect! also a great introduction to vocaloid for those who aren't familiar. Live2D models for basic conversations between characters, and cool 3D models for the MVs!! Also great storyline and is friendly to casual players who plays it like, 1hr a day.

The songs are usually limited to vocal synths songs unless something special happens, Aand some of the songs aren't really THAT family friendly. Gacha is very hard, a pity exists only on permanent gachas and you'd have to pull 300 times to get a card you want (if your luck is really that bad) and the gameplay? well, it's not that bad! there's some challenging songs but there's really nothing that screams unique, like for example directional flicks, but maybe the size changes in the sliders counts?!

Also if you're looking to tier in the JP server, good luck! there's about, one million active players in the game. [為什麼]

The game is fun if you like rhythm games! challenging high difficulty also exists, and the way to get currency for gacha is fairly easy through reading the stories, clear and FC songs, doing challenges, and more. The rewards for events are also pretty generous! (Anniversary, new year, etc) Cute character designs with amazing art!!

Unique in specific directional flicks, ranging from 1★ to the upcoming 5★ rarity in gacha, beautiful live2D models and upcoming 3D models! l especially love the character designs and art. I like Kasumi [微笑] WIDE variety of songs ranging from original songs to cover songs from popular animes.

Some of the other stuff is, it's pretty hard to get a 4★! let alone the upcoming 5★ So better prepare a big batch of gems for them. Also, sometimes (for me) the sliders don't really register.. laggy in some devices too, i heard. But overall the game fun

fun game
fun gameplay

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