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Drive Fast, Eat Ass
Hildryn 53125274

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Drive Fast, Eat Ass
Game Comments (3)

I really really really LOVE this game!

Yorktown's cleavage keeps my head clear through the darkest hours.
Yorktown's cleavage gives me strength to fight against wicked jail-baiter lolis.
Amen 🤌🤌🤌

Arknights | English


Very disappointed at the new event [Ceobe's Fungi Mist]
I'm not talking about the gameplay or the storyline or anything else but the lobby theme.
It somehow sounds very sexual and distracted. My girlfriend says it makes her horny and wants to have sex. So because of that, every time I try to play the event, 10 seconds later I see myself banging my girlfriend. Can't even get pass the first floor without having my dick sucked to dry.
Anyway nice event, 10/10 would play again.

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NHẸ NHÀNG VÀ DỄ THƯƠNG! Game chơi rất vui, hình ảnh dễ thương, âm thanh vui nhộn, giao diện bắt máy và dễ dùng! 10/10! Read Note
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