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Just passing, enjoy your day
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Just passing, enjoy your day
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In this preview, there are 3 things to point out. 1st, the 2D graphic and characters' design are totally state-of-the-art. 2nd, aside from favorable gameplay, both story and in-game instruction are fine enough for a waifu collection game. And last, the drawback - in short, we may all know the global server become worse than other servers (I know they said no need to compare their value exp), so recommending play Jp server instead for full UE. Anyway, have fun simping and bless luck to your rolls then :V

War Robots


Well, the game itself is cool, but it requires plenty of device's resources , so my experience somewhat lessened. It's a shame that my data lost, however, bless luck to you all, tyvm!

Fox Hime Zero


Thank you for making this game xD

Arknights | English


Let's straight to the point, here is my experience of 7 months on both EN & CN server:
Though the gameplay is fine enough, I will rate the ST & art at 1st & 2nd. If I had to say, then "distinct-strong-various" for the tracks and "excellent" for the art. The gacha system is not half bad for those who prefer brain-strat like me. However, as a VN-fan, the most offensive thing is their story. The further I saw, the more unconvincing, illogical or even pathetic the meaning of the story became, such as how events & main story are related, the end of late chapters. In case you read several novels, maybe you know what things are abnormal here.
Well, in my opinion, this game suits the meme "when you're an musican but your family forces you to design a gacha game!"

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